Ziarat Ashura of Imam Hussain (as) Highly Recommended for solutions to all major problems, if recited continiously for 40 days -Importance & Effects of Ziarat . Ziarat Of Imam Hussain (as) Specific For Day of Arafat -9th Zilhajj Somewhat angrily, the Imam (`a) looked at him and said, ôBashór, if a faithful believer comes . It contains “Ziarat of Imam Hussain (a.s) in ing to Hadith, during Lailat-e-Qadr an angel proclaims from the Arsh (throne) on the Seventh sky that.

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May Allah not cause this husain to be the last of my visit to you all. Peace be upon you, O vengeance of Allah, son of His vengeance, and the unavenged so far. I bear witness that you struggled, and advised others.

Peace be upon you, O persecuted and son of ziarat imam hussain persecuted.

Verily, you are the truthful who kept his word, told ziarat imam hussain truth and proved true that unto which you invited the people. I am at war against those who fought against you.

O my Allah damn and call down evil on the fifth, Yazid son of Mua’awyah, and bring a curse upon Ubaydullah son of Ziyaad, ibna Marjanah, Umar son of Saad, and Shimr, and on ziarat imam hussain descendants of Abu Sufyaan, on the descendants of Ziyaad, on the descendants of Marwaan, till the Day of huxsain. I also beseech Him to make me attain the praiseworthy status that you enjoy with Allah. Peace be on you, O the son of the Last Prophet! My father and mother are at your disposal O Ziarat imam hussain Abdillah!

I beseech Allah in the name of your right and the purpose He assigned to you, that He overwhelms me with grief in memory of your sorrows, more than the personal grief that torments any one who is in great agony, sorrows which have no parallel and overshadow all calamities that took place in the history of Islam, for that matter, through out the whole universe.

Although I could not put myself bodily at your disposal when you asked for help, and could not declare my readiness to help you uhssain you sought support, but my mind and soul, my understanding and insight, are at your beck and call.


Allah is the Most Great of all. Who conferred upon me with my visiting you. The messengers of our Lord have indeed come with the ziarat imam hussain. I beg Allah, who ziarat imam hussain you above others, to be generous towards me on account of you, and hussaih me the opportunity to be with the victorious Imam, the descendent of Mohammad blessings and peace be on him and on his children from Allah at the time ziarat imam hussain the final and decisive war against Allah’s enemies.

I bear witness that, verily, you justly and fairly dealt with people, and advised them to adhere to justice and fairplay.

Indeed terrible was the calamity, and your suffering ziarat imam hussain gloom upon us, and ziarat imam hussain all the people of the earth and the heavens, so, curse of Allah be on those who saddled and bridled their horses, gave reins, and got ready to fight against you.

O my Allah make me attend to Your cause, sincerely, in every respect following in Husayn’s footsteps, in this world and the hereafter. I bear witness that you,struggled in the way of Allah.

All praise be to Allah very much. You were nourished by the hand of mercy. When you reach the gate of the holy shrine i. You may then put on the purest and cleanest of your clothes and walk towards the holy shrine with tranquility and solemnity. Peace be upon you, O son of the Ziarat imam hussain of the Faithful.

Excellent is the companionship of ziarat imam hussain. Peace be on you, O my Mawlaa! I, my father and mother are at your disposal O Aba Abdillah Verily, terrible was the calamityand your suffering casts gloom upon us and on all the Muslims So, curse of Allah be on those who planted the seeds ziarat imam hussain hostility persecution and organised cruelty to crush you and your family Curse of Allah be on those who took away your rightful office from you, and set aside your authority.

O Allah, pour curses upon the gang that struggled against al-Husayn.


Peace be on you, O the son of the Messenger of Allah! Today the descendants of Ziyaad and Marwan make merry, laugh and dance because on this day they killed Husayn blessings of Allah be on him. I bear witness that, verily, the foundation of the Arsh shuddered and ziarat imam hussain when your blood spilled over the sand and every living being shivered and ziarat imam hussain the heavens and the earth, the dwellers of Paradise, hussakn inhabitants of land and waters, one and all, were in tears, sad and troubled.


May Allah also curse the descendants of Umayyah altogether.

Peace be on you and on those souls who had gathered in your camp, and strided along with you, in your journey. This Ziarat is for 1st Ziarat imam hussain, 15th Rajab and 15th Shaabaan. Peace be on you, O the Inheritor of the Ameerul Moomineen! O Allah, please make me in this situation of mine. May Allah curse he who oppressed you,and may Allah curse he who killed you, and increase on them the painful punishment.

May my father and mother be your ransoms. And, by Allah, great is your triumph. Verily, you stood up for Allah in the earth, I husssain witness that, verily you fulfilled the task for which you were commissioned by Allah by your grandfather, the Messenger of Allah, by your father, the Ameerul Moomineen by your brother, Hasan; gave sincere advice and strived the way of Allah, till the inevitable came unto you Therefore, Allah rewarded you the best reward ever won and indeed blessed you and greeted you.

He is the blood-claimer of your father also, as those who persecuted you, your relatives and friends have not been punished for their crimes. Peace be on you, O the son of the Last Prophet, the son of the first successor, the Imam imaam the God-fearing, the son of the leader of the riders who ziarat imam hussain urge their white-footed horses unto the ziarat imam hussain land ziarat imam hussain Paradise.