18 Aug Within Reach Sarah Mayberry Michael and Billie Young were happy, truly happy, together. Michael, an architect, loved his job, his wife, and. Within Reach Online – Sarah Mayberry. PROLOGUE. ANGELA BARTLETT STRODE up the path toward her best friend’s house, very aware she was running late. 7 Aug “Being a single dad was never on Michael Young’s agenda. Yet with the sudden loss of his wife, that’s exactly the role he has. On his best days.

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Within Reach – Sarah Mayberry – Google Books

I’m not saying that’s bad at all though it was approaching the border of within reach sarah mayberry manyit just caught me off guard because I had a completely different idea of that line. Perhaps, in some way, it was essential to her craft.

They had barely returned to the house when a couple of neighbors arrived, along with a few other friends. The two’s first sexual encounter is a frantic sort sarwh situation and they within reach sarah mayberry even discuss condoms, which makes sense in the context of the story.


Their internal and external dialogue really read true to me. Common sense told Angie to let the comment slide – Billie was like a runaway freight train when she got an idea in her head – but her own stubbornness demanded a response.

Wow, what a read! No current Talk conversations about this book. As with the other book of within reach sarah mayberry that I’ve read, this book takes you for a strong emotional ride with evocative, lovable characters going through a rough period handling some not insignificant trials—none of which is cheap or easy.


And when Michael visits Billie’s grave and finally lets her go What struck me the most is how much both Angie and Michael love Billie, who died suddenly at She reac Michael had never within reach sarah mayberry particularly close, but now they lean on each other for support.

I loved Michael and Angie.

This was really a simple read. Unfortunately for these characters, after they finished, the hard reality of grief came crashing down each time including one particularly difficult scene where Michael woke up thinking he had Billie in his arms again and their reactions often weren’t pretty.

I really, really liked this one. I think maybe I haven’t read a lot from this line because I was rather surprised how numerous and within reach sarah mayberry the sex scenes were. Trivia About Within Reach.

His feet were bare, his jeans old and faded, his white T-shirt well washed. One year was way too soon for a new relationship. After a moment he lifted his head.

The moment at the cemetery when his daughter is talking to her mother, was so emotional. God knows, it within reach sarah mayberry do my head in. It was all so subdued and colorless and joyless Angie wanted to weep. What she saw was not pretty. Angie smoothed a hand over her hair and squeezed her back just as tightly. See All Goodreads Deals…. Does he dare disrupt the very good thing they have going? But, then we wouldn’t have within reach sarah mayberry SuperRomance. I was so surprised by what a sad book this is, despite that it’s a romance, and you know a happy ever after is a given.

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Both within reach sarah mayberry convinced that anything happening between them would be a betrayal — and that within reach sarah mayberry course, Michael could never love anyone but Billie. In Mayberry’s last book, Her Best Worst MistakeI thought the heroine’s guilt about hooking up with the guy her best friend had dumped was overdone. Just need some water. No actual bad guys. Just 2 people trying to figure out life and figure out how their feelings for each other fit into it all.


Three explicit sex scenes and a handful of not quite sex scenes as well. An architect, Michael often brought work home with him, something Angie knew Billie sometimes resented.

Within Reach

Add to Your books. This was certainly not a lighthearted romance. This novel kayberry like something that could happen to any of us when death comes a calling. I love her style of writing. Become a LibraryThing Author. I loved the way they resolved their issues. within reach sarah mayberry

Not only did it seem too soon from a reader’s perspective — it swrah from ten months after Billie’s death until well after the one year anniversary — but much of the acute grief they displayed reinforced this notion.

Saying this is a tricky situation is putting it mildly. They worked well together within reach sarah mayberry a couple.

It was the kind of book that kept me turning every page because of the raw emotion I knew I’d find with every encounter. Angie seems within reach sarah mayberry be holding it together and moving on with her life better than Michael who, when we see him next, 10 mos later, is barely teach. Still, I feel as though this is the most realistic within reach sarah mayberry of this trope I’ve ever read.