Wayne Grudem explains why the gospel calls believers to political engagement, what biblical principles should inform our engagement and then systematically. Politics – According to the Bible. Purchase this book. (This is a page reference work that discusses over 60 political issues today, grouped into 18 broad. Politics – According to the Bible has ratings and 50 reviews. Mark said: I respect Wayne Grudem but this book should be titled, Politics according t.

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Politics According to the Bible? | Blog | Think Theology

The Foreign Policy section also illustrates Grudem’s approach. The Problem of Media Bias: As this is a blog post I am meant to bring things to a conclusion with some pithy observation rather as the sainted Wilson did in his post on the seminar he led at TOAM.

Grudem is pleasant and nonthreatening, and his book pollitics a polite and gracious style. He states this unapologetically upfront in the book’s introduction. Trivia About Politics – Accord Portions of the book are disappointing. The only negative reviews I’ve seen are from obvious leftists who scoffed at the biblical references and call it a mere Republican Primer. He holds degrees from Bemidji State University B.

Grudem’s “Politics According to the Bible”

Christians wanting to know how their faith should influence their politics. While he discusses Biblical law and the Ten Commandments, he is squeamish about applying them too far. Even though he addresses where socialism and totalitarianism are wyne, he is not able to see where he crosses that line himself.


It would still serve this function well, with the teacher providing additional Biblical and worldview depth and political application. But once we take that authority away it gurdem a slippery slope. Appeals to the “relevant facts in the world today” emphasis his can lead almost anywhere.

Whether you are politically liberal or conservative you’ll want to pick this book up and, if not read it all the way through from front to back, use it as a reference. I even got the impression that many of his points were being read back into the text instead of coming from a biblical perspective. Overall, a very valuable resource. Grudem is a professor of theology and Biblical studies at Phoenix Seminary.

For the rest of his life, Carey Falwell was sccording by the fratricide and increasingly turned to drink. Written in three sections, the first lays out a thorough explanation of how Christians approach the balance of faith and politics. The title of this book is very misleading. It comes as no surprise as to which bib,e of the political spectrum Grudem most firmly attaches to himself, and this is his biggest fault.

In brief, this is an analysis of conservative and liberal plans to do good for the nation, evaluated in light of the Bible and common sense. There is much to like in his thesis statement: In this ground-breaking book, recognized evangelical Bible professor Wayne Grudem rejects five mistaken views about Christian influence on politics:.


A good example is Grudem’s treatment of guns, part of a lengthy section on “self-defense and ownership of guns” in a chapter on “The Protection of Life. I wish I could be more gracious – but writing a book in admitted response to the gruden growth grudme readershi I respect Wayne Grudem but this book should be titled, “Politics according to the far right Republican Party. It is like writing an instruction manual for those about to retire.

Grudem disagrees with the position that “government should compel religion. Na verdade esperava mais. I very much doubt the veracity of that sentiment. The commentary on issues frequently lacks scriptural analysis, strange for a work with this title. Would this then mean the assimilation of Indian peoples?

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Therefore God might call someone to devote almost all of his or her time to the choir, someone else to youth work, someone else to evangelism, someone else to preparing refreshments to welcome visitors, and someone else to work with lighting and sound systems.