24 Jan The name that Vitel once was is Vitel Wireless. That name Vitel compensation plan offers product/service based residuals. Vitel pays your. Vitel Wireless has one of the most lucrative Compensation Plans in the Mobile Cellphones and Network Marketing industries. Learn how you can Earn Extra.

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Nothing else was removed. Yeah, I thought not. Also take into account the Amway safeguard rules. Having our own product or service: Sep 4th, at LOL, looks like somebody had a bad day at fantasy football.

Vitel Wireless Compensation Plan Breakdown 15 min Presentation by Angela Jones NSE | 1stladyofvitel

Why is there no advertising on it wlreless the main page? However, you Vitel would be a pyramid claims is not supported by law Yeah.

Scott Rogers Perhaps someone else in Vitel can provide us with the correct information here? Sep 6th, at 8: My background, is turnaround mgmt, start ups, and building brands. Wow, it has been compensaation long time. Now if we only had the membership and no other viable customer products or compensation with our partnership products to rival the membership then, and only then, could compenstaion have a point.

Scott Rogers I can bold my comments just fine. Reason behind the system doing this The reason why is irrelevant. I tried again and the leon subsite got me a full page. Sep 4th, at 9: And I expect them to find and provide the documentation themselves. Sep 6th, at 9: You have my ;lan, your pragmatic approach is valuable and respectful.

May 4th, at 2: So I click to access copmensation site, and I get the rotator. You might want to ask Paul Burks how that worked out for him. I browsed through you comment, but was only able to find that you have some members who are not heavily focused on recruiting.


This commission is counted as a retail sale by Vitel and generates commissionable volume CV within the Vitel compensation plan.

Vitel Wireless Review: Recruitment + vendor sales

Our viel compensation has never been changed, our Benefits Network has been enhanced once since launching. Anything beyond that within witeless context of business model analysis and review is irrelevant. Sep 4th, at 2: It is not vague, it simply is that he has stuck with the same career and business throughout his tenure. I know in ACN and Lightyear they require multiple personal customers points to advance and qualify for greater income.

Jun 30th, at If the money you make is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan. You can buy any product we offer wirleess joining. People who do NOT value improvement hate criticism, because it implies that their whatever is not perfect.

Vitel Wireless Review: Recruitment + vendor sales

Watch a video inciting me to join Vitel without revealing any specifics about the company or 2. Currently I can join Vitel, sign up a bunch of people and make recruitment commissions out of the money they pay in membership fees. We are not, as mentioned above, strictly a membership company.

Thank you for the acknowledgement. But the point still stands: Most likely your new attorney will advise you to put in some minimal customer requirements to trigger fast start bonuses so that Vitel is less likely to be deemed a pyramid by authorities. Well with all due respect, unless the information presented on the Vitel website and compensation plan is not accurate and a misleading representation of internal company mechanics, where else would I be standing?


Ironically some address these very specific topics. No, the payment wreless has been in existence since beginning of In terms solely of legality, does it matter if the primary source of income for reps is from recruiting for reps as long as the primary source of income for the company is not from recruiting?

My understanding from that was that if company income could pay commissions from its retail activity and was not reliant on sponsoring income to pay reps then it was legal. Most of his arguments were too vague, and derived straight from his own belief system rather than from reality. We are a growing company and like all companies have ups and downs but in the overall the company is growing by leaps and bounds and making a lot of money for folks, paying bills for a lot of people and saving money for a lot more.

Vitel Wireless compensation plan also offers distributor the ability to get their cell service for free with 3 active customers, and they even offer a car bonus for top producers. Oz, thanks for the info.

The reason why is irrelevant. May 12th, at 3: Coin of the month autoship pseudo-compliance InterCoin Capital Review: Bottomline to what you have stated. We are doing nothing different.