21 May Quality is a course which is to acquaint the student with the basic Which of the SCM related resource is available in Veloci-Q Procedures. Wipro’s integrated approach to quality—veloci-Q—is detailed with an emphasis on the process improvement initiatives, supporting technology, and people. 26 Jun Veloci-Q It makes a difference! / Business differentiator. What’s in it for the customer? Needs will be correctly and adequately understood.

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Review project progress b. Label identifies a project by a more descriptive name than a version Show Answer Answer: Voice of Customer d.

Digital Library

This is the testing procedure according to which modules, sub modules are tested and test case verification is done Answer: Status of configuration items in various project baselines d.

Concurrency within one workspace b. Prototype helps in validating Answer: Tool evaluation parameters of SCM d.

Project level internal assessment at PPA stage gelociq be carried out with Answer: The request of change should be recorded in Change Control Register b. Master List of Process d.


veloci-Q – Free Download PDF

Evolving Show Answer Answer: 10 Quality 45 Which Lifecycle model emphasizes preparation of plans for validation during the early Life Cycle stages itself? Managed Defined Optimized Controlled Concurrency between workspace requiring co-ordination c. As per veloci-Q, in a project following V process model — the veelociq to define acceptance Test Plan is recommended as part of Answer: Review of quality System Interview of customers d.

None of the above Show Answer Answer: Where would you go?

No changes are possible to a checked out file. No changes are possible to a checked out file Show Answer Answer: V-process model, 2i, RUP 61 In order to achieve customer satsifaction, the team should a.

Median Show Answer Answer: Control of non-conforming product d. Difference between two versions of ASCII files 82 In a parallel maintenance and enhancement project scenario if one of the bug fixes from maintenance project celociq is also need to be fixed for the enhancement project line then which of the following vwlociq is the most optimum?


Check-out Show Answer Answer: PIP Board meetings c. Call the customer and obtain feedback b.

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This is a deviation from the stated process This does not need closure This is a suggestion for improvement It could be a potential for non-conformance in future Which Lifecycle model emphasizes preparation of plans for validation during the early Life Cycle stages itself? Which of the following activity is not involved in it: Make a small and manageable team c.

Reduction of cycle time b. Identification and Traceability b. Maintenance Request MR c. Only users in the access control list can make changes d. Client specified processes c.

Concurrent Independent Development d. Versions of CI c. Software Configuration Management 62 Which of the following is not a source of change: