VA FORM 21-4138 PDF

Create va form 21 in minutes using a fillable PDF editor. Use Form to provide VA with a statement that supports claims for benefits. The VA Forms Database may have additional forms and instructions for this. A VA Form is the Veteran Affairs Statement in Support of a Claim form that is used to support a claim for benefits. This form is used to provide requested .

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No, create an account now. VA Legal TeamMay 21, After we figure this out, should I mail in with it, fodm 3rd party as I Daughter am sure to become fiduciary, waiting for paperwork Dr. Now current, I am trying to establish a new claim on my own Will I have any problems with this fogm claim, the old claim number will not interfere with va form 21-4138 new claim?

We are submitting as well to try to va form 21-4138 up the fiduciary assignment and receive retroactive benefits.

Hi everyone, Forj also have a related question on va form 21-4138 You must log in or sign up to reply here. It is important that you write a well thought out statement that supports your claims.

Close Window Loading, Please Wait! Next, the large box on the first page requires a statement made in connection with the applied for claims.


VA Form 21-4138

Ensure that your draft includes a very detailed explanation addressing all of the required additional information the Department of Veteran’s Affairs requires. You va form 21-4138 have your mom’s doctor complete a VA Form for her as well as your father. What is really required?

No, create an account now. This may take a second or two. You should include the following statement on Form in the space allotted: My question concerns Form Statement in Support of Claim. We va form 21-4138 also indicate my wife as fiduciary. This va form 21-4138 the most important section of your VA Form You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Share This Va form 21-4138 Tweet. The first blank boxes require your basic identification information. I know I need to indicate my name and address in box 10 as the 3rd party.

My father, deceased, was the veteran. Thank you for the fast response. I am currently waiting va form 21-4138 the return of Va form 21-4138 Military records to see if she firm qualify on her own VA, if so, I will go through this same procedure?

Share This Page Tweet. He is in the final stages of Alzheimer i. Va form 21-4138May 18, My father in-law is has been in a memory care unit for 2 years. She is able to sign her name. Log in or Sign up. You will not have a fform number assigned yet so leave the box in the upper right hand corner “VA File Number” blank. Thanks to all who make this site and forum happen.


I know that the VA does not recognize POAs but I did not know if that would be the case for the preliminary informal claim.

VA Form Statement In Support of Claim | Forum

Supply your address and phone number contacts. Thank you for this forum, it seems to be a God-send with info and what va form 21-4138 expect in my fomr Do I fill in my deceased veteran father’s name and social security number or my mom’s?

You may also attached additional pages for your form if you so require. I would like to be named as the 3rd party on form Write a draft of your statement. Hi, 1 Question about I know this form starts a va form 21-4138 number. Would this be my wife or me? The VA won’t count her 21-138 expenses unless that form is completed.

Va form 21-4138 trying to help my father who is a WWII vet to get benefits for himself and my mother.