on a previous trip and declared to U.S. Customs upon prior importation, NOTE: All Customs Form ‘s must be returned along with a photocopy of your. Moving house hold and personal effects to the United States require a Form Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles. Simply stating the. PART I-. Box 1: Your name. Box 2: Your birth date. Box 3: Date of your arrival in the U.S. Remember: Your U.S. Customs form is not valid until your arrival in .

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Acrobat Reader file, Size: Indicate the country where you most recently resided outside the U. The rules for assessing Customs Duties can vary from city to city and Customs jurisdiction to customs jurisdiction. Generally you are considered us customs form 3299 returning resident if, when cusgoms left the U.

Shipment Details Please complete the following fields us customs form 3299 to the shipment and commodity. A copy of the information and picture pages us customs form 3299 your passport and the appropriate U. If you are immigrating to the U.

Download Now Download Now. The complete inventory of goods being xustoms will be treated as the packing list and must be provided to Customs. Owner of customw goods Household Goods: Check the appropriate box.

Essentially, all household goods and personal effects acquired abroad must have been used in the country of origin for a minimum of one year to avoid U. Documentation Upload the completed document. Your date of birth.


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After reading Sections A, B, and C, check the appropriate boxes. Indicate your length of residence overseas. Get Your Shipment Processed for Clearance. List each commodity us customs form 3299 with accurate descriptions Check for consistency across all documents Make sure documents are clearly written or typed Provide as much detailed information as possible including Country of Origin and applicable Harmonized Tariff Schedule HTS codes Confirm that all associated costs fkrm correct and the currency code is noted on the invoice Sign your full name as shown on custons other shipping documents Zip all required documentation into a file 3MB or less and ready for upload prior to starting the next step.

Those customw purchased and used less than one year will be assessed customs duties. Attachments are removed when the form generates an error message. Item numbers correspond to the numbers on the us customs form 3299. Then, select your Zip file under 3MBs and click Open. Note on Residency Status: The name of the airline and flight number upon which you arrived in us customs form 3299 U.

DHL | Document: Form | English

Items for personal use, recreation, or pleasure; i. The city where you arrived and went us customs form 3299 U. By leaving it blank, Customs may think you have overlooked this section. For Items 1 through 6, check the items which apply to your shipment. Sign your full name as it appears on your passport.


Find additional information about Customs Regulations Find additional information about Customs Regulations.

Skip to the error encountered during the form submit. For Items 9 through 11, check the items which apply to your shipment.

Furniture and durable items Personal Effects: Print your full name as it appears on your passport. US Customs Form Instructions. Please call your Findlay Move Manager if you have any questions on your residency status.

Clearance Document: Form 3299 Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles

However, if you have lived abroad for over three years and no longer maintain connections with the Forn. Your date of arrival in the U.

Leave us customs form 3299, completed by returning U. Simply stating the goods are “house hold effects” is not enough information for the shipment to be cleared for entry. If any of these items are checked, please contact your Findlay Move Manager as soon as possible prior to packing.

The names of family members who accompanied you on your flight or who will us customs form 3299 joining you later. Skip to content Skip to service links: Military Personnel and Evacuees only. Please call your Findlay Move Manager if you have any questions regarding your shipment being assessed gorm duties.