Catalogue UPVC pipes and fittings and also a main manufacturer of HDPE and UPVC pipes provide smoother wall surfaces that reduce fluid friction and. uPVC Pressure Pipes for Water Distribution. uPVC Pipes for Land Drainage & Sewarage. SPECIFICATION. APPLICATION. RATING. SIZES. BS Waste. PVC Pressure Pipe Systems PVC Pressure Pipe Systems PVC Pressure Pipe Systems This product catalogue has been compiled by Vinidex Pty Limited (“ the.

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Road pipe,drainage,and cable in heavy traffic areas. Gas supply engineering 9. Strong resistance to water pressure, outside pressure and impact, which can be applied to any piping engineering. Salt water engineering 5. Food and Dairy Containers. Fishery use for Plastic raft.

Printed Cups and Containers. Choose from the most comprehensive valve product range. Cosmoplast drainage pipes and fittings are manufactured with both solvent welding sockets and rubber ring Push Fit sockets, which satisfies the various requirements of projects, designers and installers.

Good resistance to sea water. Acid, alkali, and corrosion resistance for chemical catalogu.

The professional solution for connecting cemented piping systems. What is the difference between Type W and Type B? The dissolution test proves that PVC pipe is unaffected to water quality, which is the best material for running water piping.


About Harwal Group Companies

High pressure water supply in mountain areas. The thick pipe thick fitting and thin pipe thin fitting cannot be used together.

But the physical property will be tremendously reduced when applied to organic solvent. Good resistance to the corrosion of most acid, alkali, and salt, used for industrial piping. Drainage and electric wire and cable in earthquake prone areas. High voltage heat cable conduit. Good resistance to acid, alkali, and corrosion. Reliable actuation with configuration flexibility – electrically and pneumatically. Piping for hot resistant high-voltage power supply.

Larger flow compared with other metal pipes in the same catalogke. Sewage pipe for industry wastewat. Light and easy for installation of labor saving. The products are sold by agency system, please contact our distributors. Without prior written consent by FPG, any reproduction, modification or uupvc any part of the above products, service, information and materials is illegal and strictly prohibited.

Good withstanding of voltage and electricity. Type B is for general fluids conforming to CNS The optical fiber conduit of telecom-fixed lines.

Agriculture Pipes & Fittings

They are subject to change. Free way engineering Fixed line cable conduit. The wire threading and replacing will be more easier when the vertical tubes are used with PVC pipe. Gas supply engineering 6. More flow than other material pipes in the same size. The best benefit of PVC-DWV Pipe is it can reduce the draining noise, which is the best option for sewerage and building wastewater drainage.


Do not misuse, and please use the pipes in accordance with the application scope of CNS standards.

UPVC PIPES 50 HZ – C.R.I. Pumps – PDF Catalogue | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Smooth surface with no stain of scale. The thickness of pipe can be divided into 3 specifications: The technical data are not binding and not expressly warranted characteristics of the goods. Low investment for tools and equipment Very good chemical and corrosion resistance Proven physiological harmlessness.

Our range of uPVC systems offers comprehensive solutions required to complete any domestic or industrial drainage system. Therefore, the both inside and outside of the pipe are neat and smooth.

Good electric insulation for the conduits of wire and cable engineering. The room temperature fluid pressure pipe for ASTM electronic factory. Good resistance to coldness, shock, and impact. Precise control throughout your automation loop. Well ;ipes engineering 4.