Tricks of the Mind [Paperback] [DERREN BROWN] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tricks-of-the-Mind. Tricks Of The Mind [Derren Brown] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Language:ack. Pub the Date: October Pages. 5 Nov Extracts from Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown. Derren Brown’s television and stage performances have entranced and dumbfounded million.

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The book combines resolving the mystery behind just how mid does it, tips to help improve your memory and by God, it helpshow to start up becoming a professional tricks of the mind by derren brown, with anecdotes and funny stories along the way. Well, no, he did get a muffin at one point,but he was there for ages.

A brilliant technique but very briefly explained in this book. For someone genuinely thinking about taking on the role of a mesmeriser it will hold many juicy titbits, but for someone just looking to be entertained, it can be very dry.

Derren Brown: Trick of the Mind

May 18, Joey Vissers rated it it was amazing. Unusual details These are details offered along the way that stand out.

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And he investigates the power of suggestion and how you can massively improve your memory. Brown included tricks for improving one’s memory and memorising things like the incredible Method of Locitechniques for spotting lies and deception, and others shared with the foundation of NLP for disconnecting with bad memories and reinforcing positive visualisations.

Review: Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown | Books | The Guardian

Really interesting book – I got stuck in to the section on memory, derten decided to memorize the periodic table as a small exercise. Some of those things I feel passionately about and others are drier subjects: Published 5 months tricks of the mind by derren brown.


The title is a bit of a cop out, mond essentially this is a mixture of techniques that will help you understand the mind, and random thoughts that are at best peripheral to the topic at hand. So far, so good.

Some of his points are interesting, but when I as a reader buy a book by such a brilliant performer, I want to read about the kind of stuff he does in his shows. See all 98 reviews.

He wants to be seen as thoughtful, ethical, and self-deprecating, and is certainly the latter.

My favourite part apart from the correspondence is that on hypnotism. Or how about the decline effect excellent article by the New Yorkerwhich questions the whole idea that once something is proven, it should be able to be repeatedly proven anew?

Extracts from Tricks of the Mind

Brown does not see this, and thinks religion is just for poor saps who need comfort. While I really do not begrudge him his opinion and while I do respect his strong sentiments on these matters, I really don’t care to read this teh much about them.

Mr Brown does indeed discuss the techniques he employs in his performances. Don’t buy this book if you want a step by step instruction manual on how to hypnotize your wife or husband, because that’s not the point of this book. I have used this book to create my website about Mentalism – http: Familiar psychological methods are brought up linking, method of loci, peg systembut this book treats them as fun minx tricks of the mind by derren brown than tedious phenomenon.

May 22, Rljulie rated it it was amazing. This book could’ve been so much more interesting if Brown hadn’t been so deeply in love with his own convictions. I personally just wanted to know about how he developed these methods and how he uses them, more of a generalized view.


If alone in a train toilet, how does one find Braille instructions for the use of obscured or unusual soap dispensers or toilet flushes? It does ultimately relate to getting into how he thinks, and trying to understand why people hold superstitious and evangelical beliefs is a way to show how easily people can be manipulated which is a major trick of the mind.

,ind is power, and this book is an entertaining way to make your life more “illusion-proof”.

Extracts from Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown

I was, throughout my tour of largely similar fish, doing my best to read trickw little plaques next to each tank, which told me and other curious visitors the name, rhe habits and musical tastes of whatever was diving, swimming or floating upside-down inside. Now I am not so sure, afterall, as Derren put it himself – What is a belief, where do they come from and aren’t we just subjective to what tricks of the mind by derren brown really want to believe?

Aug 18, kim is currently reading it Recommends it for: Now, these techniques are not novel, but they are written in a very accessible way.