The Tirukkural or Thirukkural or shortly the Kural, is a classic Tamil text consisting of 1, Legend has it that the author used the word Muppāl, meaning “three divisions,” to present it to the King since the work was written about the first three . “I wanted to learn Tamil, only to enable me to study Valluvar’s Thirukkural through his mother tongue itself. There is no one who has given such treasure of. I am on to Thirukkural for the past 7 year. Your translation is very simple and very close to the meaning of Thirukkural in Tamil. I could see that you try to catch the.

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Unrecognized language link Kamil Zvelebil Leo Tolstoy was inspired by the concept of non-violence found thirukkural meaning the Kural thirukkural meaning he read a German version of the book, who in turn instilled the concept in Mahatma Gandhi through his A Letter to a Hindu when young Gandhi sought his guidance. A keaning guide for the young generation.

Thirukkural online

Poobalan Les Govender September 28, at 9: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Chaandraanmai Nobleness, Command of Self. Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Laureate. Pride of an army. Thank you so much for translating this Gem! Qualities of a ruler. Coukd not be translated? Dread of doing evil deeds. Undesirable friendship Chapter Mayuram Vishwanatha Shastri set all the verses thirukkural meaning music in early 20th century [56] and Chitravina N Ravikiran set the entire verses of Tirukkural thirukkural meaning music in a record time of 16 hours in Jan [57].


Chinthanaiyalar January 3, at 8: By continuing to use this website, you agree to thirukkural meaning use.

Moolamum Eliya Urai Vilakkamum] in Thirukkural meaning 1st ed. Thirukkural meaning Saravana Perumal Iyer commentator. Classical works such as the PurananuruManimekalaiSilappathikaram all cite the Kural by various names, bestowing numerous titles to the work that was originally untitled by its author.

The couplets thirukkural meaning generally numbered in a linear fashion across the three books, covering all the 1, couplets. Popep.

I googled the Thirukkural and finally found your blog and I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your work. The text also features a higher number of Sanskrit loan words compared thirukkural meaning these thirukkural meaning texts.

Can u provide chapter please. One of my key initial objectives was to make Kural well-known among non-Tamils. Is it feasible to create field for search by subject? Unlike Kamasutra, which is all about eros and techniques thiruk,ural sexual fulfillment, the Kural text of Inbam remains a poetic appreciation thirukkural meaning flowering human love as explicated by the Sangam period’s concept of intimacy, thirukkural meaning as aham in the Tamil literary tradition.


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Thirukkural meaning said, “Humility, charity and forgiveness of injuries, being Christian qualities, are not described by Aristotle. Kannan Meanimg 8, at 3: Best regards Nadarajan Govender.

The works of Dharumar, Dhaamatthar, and Nacchar are only partially available. Not being lazy Thirukkural meaning Realy very simple traslation.

Not killing any living being. Will take it up soon.