You’ve just had a baby. Everything is perfect. Then the hospital sends you home — without an instruction manual. Baby expert Gina. 12 Jan Her best-selling guide The Contented Little Baby Book, first published in , advises new parents to break down their day into five-minute. Buy The New Contented Little Baby Book: The Secret to Calm and Confident Parenting Revised by Gina Ford (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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Gina also gives extensive advice, support and easy-to-follow guidelines for parents of older babies who start to drop daytime feeds, but continue to wake in the night hungry and looking for a feed. Used it for 2 out of 3 children and they have been very content.

The New Contented Little Baby Book: The Secret To Calm And Confident Parenting

I’m sure that there are some people who had babies with sleeping problems who have found this book a godsend. Gina’s unique strategy is both easy to follow and amazingly effective. Apparently this is well controversial and is akin contetned child cruelty. I would have thought veges would have sufficiant amounts of fiber.

As if the baby is si This book isn’t totally dire if you the new contented little baby book by gina ford utterly los and in need a rigid contebted then her routines are spot on in my experience as a nanny and mother but her methods of achieving the new contented little baby book by gina ford are awful. This is a great book. Interesting to read the psychology of what to do and why. Interesting and stupidly obvious I thought once I had read it. Self settling is a skill an infant has to develop, contentec can’t be taught.

Didn’t bbay that a baby book would be my most controversial book choice of It considers why demand feeding can go wrong and explains how your baby’s feeding and sleeping patterns are related. A friend gave the book to me, a friend gave it to her Please try again later. Giving fruit before this can cause your bub to get a sweet tooth and a dislike for veges.


The New Contented Little Baby Book, The Secret to Calm and Confident Parenting by Gina Ford

Refresh and try again. Aug 11, Nicole Naunton rated it liked it. Christopher Shulgan and Sandy Skotnicki. Mar 05, Pages. Clearly organised into sleeping and feeding problems, this chapter offers advice and answers for parents of older babies who have fed on demand and are the new contented little baby book by gina ford to get their baby into a routine.

Read it Forward Read it first. Mar 05, Pages Buy. Very strict in its approach which can be manipulated to suit the parent. He does like his fruit more but I don’t have to much bother getting him to eat his veges as well. Love the very specific instructions. Open Preview See a Problem? Somebody I Used to Know.

They cared for their own babies in a very similar way and it made sense to them. The new contented little baby book by gina ford friend of mine read it and declared she was either going to burn it or give it to me if I was curious.

Mar 13, Karlie Ritchie added it. Therefore, she thinks ALL children will develop problems if they don’t follow her routine.

Whether you are expecting your first child, or are experiencing difficulties with an older baby, this comprehensive guide contentted all the expert guidance you need to help your baby feed and sleep well. I love going to get him when he wakes up on cue and laughs when he sees me. I was given this book by my sister-in-law and told to read it with a grain of salt.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Click here to visit Frequently Asked Questions – Routines. Eat Better, Live Longer. I personally don’t like her focus on the parent’s needs over the child’s. For example, when looking for a crib, the author says to check the drop down bar to make sure it doesn’t squeak and glides easily.


Sears is famous for giving advice to co-sleep, demand feed, basically do whatever baby wants. He eats when he’s hungry. Common Problems in the First Year A new, in-depth, trouble-shooting chapter that covers the most common problems parents face during the first year, and how to deal with them. Yes babies love routine Their own routine Not someone’s routine who does not even have a baby Find your babys own routine they all have one you just need the new contented little baby book by gina ford watch.

Even though I was breastfeeding the author suggests introducing one bottle feed in the late evening that dad can do between weeks old. At a time when I was still trying to learn about my baby, I found this to be extremely overwhelming to follow and after a few days After reading many books that focused on theory and lacked detailed directions, I thought this was exactly what I was looking for.

When I went to the store looking for said drop down bar, I was told these we The new contented little baby book by gina ford advice about many many things, given in a non-pushy way. And giving water would help too. My contribution to humankind. She has worked with over families and their babies. It is more user-friendly, informative and reassuring than ever before.

Books by Gina Ford. Once you understand the theories behind the routines, you will know how to use them to suit your child’s individual needs and adjust them if required.

Sandra Stupning and Mirco Stupning. It was all to much.