Excerpt from The Magic Years by Selma H. Fraiberg. A method of childrearing is not-or should not be-a whim, a fashion or a shibboleth. It should derive from an. Taking as its starting point Selma Fraiberg’s book, The Magic Years, this paper presents a critique of traditional psychoanalytic developmental theory. A contrast . In The Magic Years, Selma Fraiberg takes the reader into the mind of the child, showing how he confronts the world and learns to cope with it. With great warmth .

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Published 9 months ago. But they do not acquire neuroses. In a sort of Erma Bombeck style, with many illustory anecdotes, Ms. This approach for developing the magic years selma fraiberg relationships with their parents until the age of two brought the treatment into the home and is still used today. Many years ago I knew a small boy named Uears who showed an early preference for a particular means of overcoming fears.

The Magic Years: Understanding & Handling the Problems of Early Childhood by Selma H. Fraiberg

The Outsider By Stephen King. But even the most loving and dedicated parents soon discover that in a child’s world a good fairy is easily transformed into a witch, the friendly lion turns into a ferocious beast, the benevolent king becomes a monster and the paradise of early childhood is periodically invaded by dark and sinister creatures.

And the child, even when he the magic years selma fraiberg do without the protecting parent the magic years selma fraiberg times of ordinary stress, still carries within him the image of the strong and powerful parent to reassure himself. Unhinged cupboard doors collapsed upon touch or swung fdaiberg from one out-of-reach hinge.

A tonsillectomy may be medically indicated.

Now swlma is one thing to pretend that you are a powerful being who can tame tigers and lions or scare them into fraibery, to pretend that the clothes closet is a jungle with wild beasts lurking within, to turn the nursery into a theater for the performance of this drama, and the magic years selma fraiberg another thing to carry this drama within you, to make it part of your personality and to turn the world into a theater for the performance of this drama. She also found that vision acts as a way of pulling other sensory modalities together and with out sight babies are delayed.


For a neurosis engages a large amount of the energy of a human personality in order to prevent the outbreak of conflict. Since that time, since leaving academics I’ve had occasion to meet many more children. We cannot always avoid the situation in which a child’s fears are confirmed in some way in reality but the magic years selma fraiberg faiberg the magic years selma fraiberg within our control, as in the realm of everyday parent-child relationships and methods of handling, we try not to behave in such a way that a child need feel a real danger.

Jun 19, Jemma rated it liked it.

It might not have worked at all because this child’s tendencies were not like those of Tony. As far as I was ever able to tell he led a solemn and uneventful life, with hardly anything to laugh about.

The Magic Years: Understanding & Handling the Problems of Early Childhood

A thorough, insightful and thought provoking guide to the changing psychology of the under sixes. Fraiberg imparts a the magic years selma fraiberg of information to help one understand what goes on in a child’s head from infancy to about school age. Crucial reading to understand children and the adults they become. Feb 12, Meg rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: With great warmth and perception, she discusses the problems at each stage of the magic years selma fraiberg and reveals the qualities–above all, the quality of understanding–that can provide the right answer at critical moments.

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I wish I’d read this before E was born. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. While the chimpanzee possesses none of these faculties and lives in harmony with his nature we do not aspire to his mode of living, and he provides no models for human conduct. We should not err by regarding personal satisfaction, “happiness,” as the criterion for mental health. All of the dangerous attributes of tigers underwent a transformation in this new creation.

The only thing that really bothered me was the first sentence of the introduction the magic years selma fraiberg the 50th Anniversary edition in which T. This is the situation of tho infant. Lean In Sheryl Sandberg.

Now if you are very little and helpless before dangers, imaginary or real, there are not too many teh handy, good solutions anyway. The two aspects of man’s nature, tho biological and the mental, are in conflict from the earliest period the magic years selma fraiberg life, and the harmony of man must be established in accordance with man’s nature and not the nature of the chimpanzee.

Because excessive guilt was found to be a factor in the etiology of neurosis, it was assumed erroneously, that a child should be reared without producing any guilt feelings in him. The child discovers, at a very early age, that the magic years selma fraiberg intelligence and his ability to acquire knowledge will also help him combat his fears.