+ Sybase Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How do I tell which tables have Search and apply jobs on Sybase including Sybase DBA, Sybase . Sybase DBA Interview Questions. Will it hit the server restart and how? Answer 7 Yes it will impact. SBT can also perform object level recovery. ~ Question 7. Sybase Interview Questions and Answers. Are you a Database Administrator? Need to update DBA technical knowledge or need to prepare for a job interview?.

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Creating Rep DefSub and testing Replication: How do you see the performance of the Sybase server?

How can we see the sql text? Known as master, it keeps sybase dba interview questions and answers of such things as user accounts, ongoing processes, and system error messages.

No fixed value Answer: Its database wide setting. After that, the server will automatically shut down; restart it and see if your application databases are still there. For example, after the batch application finishes, the temporary database that it uses. So they are faster.

Sybase Interview Question

By sybase dba interview questions and answers it routes the user to master database if default database has not been defined at the time of login creation. You wind up with fewer null annd and less redundant data, making your database more compact. Exclusive lock — sjbase to an exclusive page or row lock, except that it affects the entire table.


With Adaptive Server Where as Korn shell is superset of Bourne shell. It’s not a good idea to ignore such things in the errorlog — ‘cos it might indeed indicate you’re hitting a bug.

Sybase Interview Questions & Answers

Update locks are acquired as the set of rows to be updated or deleted is being determined. How to swap a db device with another Server answsrs and renaming How to clear tempdb when the tempdb gets filled sybase dba interview questions and answers Sybase? A column defined as a primary key does not allow null values.

Users and groups the classic method that has always been there since the first version of Sybase are limited to a single database. Unlike the system tempdbuser-created temporary databases can be dropped by the DBA. What does update statement do? For example, questuons learn the syntax of the Transact-SQL select command, type: It is a utility, used to copy the definitions of all objects of a database.

What is Identity Colum? A text or image column. What is the role required for user management? Open a case with Sybase TechSupport. So for that, end user must have valid login on the server.

How do I insert duplicate rows in a unique index? It also contains Histograms for columns.


In sysmon report what are the five segment you will be looking for performance? From a database to an operating system file or from an operating system file to database.

Sometimes index can be used as mechanism for enforcing auestions.

Database applications rely on temporary workspace where they can store intermediate results. Parameters can be passed and returned, and error codes may be checked.

Interview questions for ASE DBAs

It generate more than one query plan for. By killing a questinos you can force a transaction to fail. This applies to normal databases. Shared locks typically are held only for the duration of the read on a particular page. Explain about the Data integration suite features? With enhancements to this feature in ASE To determine the bcp mode that is best for your copying task, consider the. How can wnswers monitor the Sybase dba interview questions and answers status.

Database recovery with no transaction logs in sybase it’s termed suicide recovery.