All India Topper of CA final Nov Mohit Gupta sharing how his family supported Important Amendment for Exams by CA SURBHI BANSAL .. Quick revision class of Standards on Auditing for readers of my book and for those who. hey guys i heard the surbhi bansal is the best book for ca final audit but the book only has like pages does anyone know if thats the main. Frns pls tell mesurbhi bansal mam s hand book is sufficient for self preparetion for audit CA Final – Final.

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It niether covers exam questions. Remember Me Forgot Password? Subscribe to the latest topics: Prev 1 2 Next. No its my first attempt in may On 28 July Sign up Now Join Surabhi bansal audit book for ca final.

Recent surbhi bansal book had been withdrawn from mkt as it lacked many topics in bank audit and level of knowledge of SA prerequisite for CA final is also not sufficient.

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: CA Surbhi Bansal: Books

So you ought to go for quality and not the quantity. So make a rational decision.

This is professional exam and not any damn universities exam. Practice manual should also be used with book of surbhi bansal for better prepearation. Registered members get a chance to interact at Forum, Ask Query, Comment etc. On 31 July Fiinal Me Forgot Password?

If this is your second attempt Yes The tabular handbook by Surbhi Bansal is the only main book. Of course its one of the best book for CA Final.

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Recent Posts Post New Topic. Especially the summary in form of flowcharts given after some of the chapters makes it so managable to revise the entire syllabus a day before the exams.

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Home Forum Audit Others. All says that you should do padhuka as well But in the end what really matters is will you be able to revise the entire syllabus in the most crucial 30hours before the exam.


Rawat because as we all know standard of surabhi bansal audit book for ca final paper of audit has rocketed and we also will have to develop at same pace in order to clear exams.

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Let us grow stronger surbhi mutual exchange of knowledge. On 27 July Dont look at the size of the book but see its quality.

Is surbhi bansal is sufficient for self preparetion for audit (ca final)

Prev 1 2 Next. Her book is the simplest of all. Now i’m studying final from her book only.

There are many other books like the one by padukas which is almost thrice the size of this book. Refer to padhuka, practice manual and SA book by D.