audible bird scarer when compared with pigeons, sparrows, starlings and blackbirds. Therefore the solar powered audible bird scarer was tested on crows. 20 Dec ICbased-Solar-powered-bird-scarer. This circuit uses 6V/mA solar panel and Timer IC, this circuit continuously produce sound. SolarUK provides the technology behind the UK’s first solar-powered bird scarer.

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The Bird Zcarer Mega Blaster PRO solar powered bird scarer a speaker tower, built-in watt amplifier and is powered with a 40 watt solar panel and deep cycle battery. The bird movements over a wide area is detected by the device using infra red sensors. In this illustration, the solar panel is connected directly to the main circuit.

Can i use a sensor? The unit has a frequency podered of 2, — 10, Hz and generates sound up to decibels, louder than a chainsaw and about the same intensity as a rock solar powered bird scarer or pneumatic drill. A voltage of 6V is produced thanks to solar panel SP1 which is then buffered by the help of two capacitors, C1 and C2.

These components include; Photovoltaic panel: Proteus and then actualized by mounting it either manually or by etching solar powered bird scarer a circuit board. I am a final-year full-time Mechanical Engineering student, I will be very pleased poweed glad if I could have the full details Complete Project Work to enable me design and fabricate this Solar Bird Scarer Machine as my final-yea Project Topic.

The intense sound output covers up to 30 acres 12 hectares.

Solar powered bird scarer, could u please provide total information about solar powered bird scarer using ic solag. Incorporating an MP3 solar powered bird scarer This system is assembled by using the components shown in Figure 1. Bird scarers are very important since they help in tackling the problem on unwanted birds and substitute the methods that were used before which were either very labour intensive as is the case when people have to guard the solar powered bird scarer to manually chase away the birds or methods which birrd time become inefficient or no longer fool proof as is the case of scare crows.


Case studies Casuarina Square – 1. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In the other method however, a common integrated circuit is made that produces the sounds by incorporating an electro acoustic transducer.

Schematic of a solar powered bird scarer circuit [3]. In order to establish the best sounds, several tests need to be carried out and these are affected by the sensitivity of the birds as well as their numbers. Comments Sir, could u please provide total information about solar powered bird scarer using ic timer.

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SolarUK provides the technology behind the UK’s first solar-powered bird scarer

Hi I am in my final yaer and I love your idea! Principle of operation of solar powered bird scarers As aforementioned, the bird scarer produces sounds that solar powered bird scarer meant to cause discomfort too the birds hence chasing them away from the targeted places.

The next step is then integrating a solar panel and using it to power the system. Using a suitable bird scarer circuit This is solar powered bird scarer brain of the system and should therefore be carefully constructed to ensure that it is solar powered bird scarer. This is loaded with predetermined predator calls solar powered bird scarer in a personal computer and which are dependent on the birds under question.

Your email address will not be published. The solar powered bird scarer is a device to scare birds away from different locations varying from large crop fields to airports and urban areas. Once such a disturbance in the area is detected, the device produces distress calls to drive away the flock of birds. This makes the solar powered bird scarer, a device which uses natural bird distress calls or sounds to drive them away, a must have especially for grain farmers.


However, it is still possible to incorporate a rechargeable battery which can then enable the system to be used even in the event of no sunlight e. Trust me please…… Thank you……. However, these are not the only end users of bird scarers.

This scare crow device uses natural bird distress calls to drive them away from crop fields and other populated areas. In a solar farm, solar powered bird scarer amounts of birds can result into unwanted shades thereby reducing the amount of solar power harnessed. Once baked on, bird poop can be hard to remove. Airports and urban areas also deploy bird scarers to keep away birds, which can not only be a source of noise pollution and aggressive behavior, but can also leave their droppings all over, prompting huge cleaning costs.

If you want to avoid birds from your farm then this solar powered bird scarer helps to scare the birds and makes birc to avoid the farm.

SOLAR POWERED BIRD SCARER – Engineering Students Mechanical Projects

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Scarrr like this project,please send solar powered bird scarer detail information about this project including cost also…. This system is very effective, portable and is independent of any external power supplies. Keeping birds away from crops and other structures can be a real challenge; particularly when attempting to approach the problem in a humane way.