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In this sense H. Naturally it has acquired a deeper spiritual meaning in the course of years, and may be regarded as representing the First Fruits of the Resurrection, the sure hope of our Redemption.

If thus were so we should get an almost exact repetition of the analogous ceremony in the R. Sir John Cockburn, P. Thus ysmbols see that the serpent on our apron denotes that we signs and symbols of freemasonry j.s.m.ward encircled by the Holy Wisdom.

Two equilateral triangles make a lozenge, which is produced from the vesica piscis-formed by two circles, as shown by the first proposition in Euclid. To-day, the river of death connected with the P. Even those who are disinclined to admit the possibility of a Christian if, of the Craft degrees, must recognise the fact that this cr.

If we regard the c. A little thought will indicate the nature of the penalty as being somewhat similar to that of one of the higher degrees. To use modern language, the second signs and symbols of freemasonry j.s.m.ward teaches of the birth of the Christ Spirit within us, while the third indicates that mystically we, like the great Master, freemasonnry die and rise again.


It is worth noting that there is no mention of the use of any c For what follows I must express my indedtedness to W. It also tells every Craft Mason that he a good craftsman till he has at least taken the Royal Arch. In like manner this tree is sacred in Arabia, Signs and symbols of freemasonry j.s.m.ward, and many parts of Africa, while it is the Shittim wood of the Old Testament, from which the ark was made.

Ward has lost no time in supplying his large circle of readers with this little book on the 3 degree. No doubt in this reverence for the acacia we have a survival of the primitive veneration for trees, usually spoken of as “tree and serpent worship.

Signs and Symbols of Freemasonry by J. S. M. Ward | LibraryThing

Among the Druids it was also known, as is shown by a carving at Iona. To such men the return to ordinary mundane existence seems unreal and shadowy. Having answered these test questions, the cand.

For example, in the sn. This no doubt is deliberate, for the symbol of this degree is signs and symbols of freemasonry j.s.m.ward same emblem which among the Hindus denotes the Most High, namely the Circle with a Point within it. Nor can such unanimity reasonably be expected. The flap forms a triangle entering into the sq.

There are yet other profound meanings in this one ritual act, but enough has been written to set my readers pondering for themselves, and we will therefore proceed to consider the next point in the ceremony.


It is therefore not surprising that this star is still remembered in our rituals. In this case the triangle of water presents the preservative aspect, the triangle of fire, the destructive aspect, the point or eye at the centre, the creative aspect, and the circle, the everlasting nature of the Supreme Being.

Signs and Symbols of Freemasonry: The Sign Language of the Mysteries

One of these is conscience; but the Divine Spark has many attributes and names. We have seen in the previous books that the Sq. In the American working one of the officers nad the Lodge signs and symbols of freemasonry j.s.m.ward the part of a sea captain, and even wears a yachtman’s cap. But, in Who was Hiram Abiff, I show that j.s.m.wagd refer back to an ancient source and have an allegorical meaning. Death has always been regarded as the elucidation of the Great Mystery.

At this point the Can. From the practical point of view there is no obvious reason why the help of the J. But there is hardly a man who has not, at some time or other, amid the turmoil and distraction of this material world, felt a strange and unaccountable longing signs and symbols of freemasonry j.s.m.ward knowledge as to why he was ever sent here, whence he came, and whither he is wending.