20 items redesign of the TOEIC Listening and Reading test as it then existed. .. grammar. Knowledge of the rules of grammar. Claim 9: Examinee can infer gist. grammar & reading tests. Front Cover. – Test of English for International Communication QR code for Redesigned TOEIC grammar & reading tests. 22 Apr Take free TOEIC test online before taking a real test. You can practice your listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills and some full tests.

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I’ve improved my English since then but I’m still not very confident to retake the test. I only trained for it with your test in the Internet, it worked pretty well actually. Before that I was a logistic analyst. I love the English language and I’m a big fan of the English grammar. This kind of tests, that take into account the different and practical aspects of a foreign language are the most accurate.

I’ll get some useful English yoeic from the podcast and save it in the playlist. By taking the test, I became more confident of myself as the test score objectively illustrated where I stand in effectively communicating in English. With the iPod, I’ll download podcasts and music to listen in the subway and everywhere else. I got points at the time.

I’ll use it to download music and I plan to listen to teste while I work out at the gym and during my spare time. I know for certain that I would be using the iPod Shuffle during work out. Juan from Spain I’m very happy to have won the iPod. See Privacy Policy When you log out, return using your name and e-mail. TOEIC redesigneed a requirement for many companies who want to hire foreigners in Japan, so I’m going to take it to increase my chances of getting a working visa.


I would like to listen to my favourite music on my iPod Shuffle while commuting to and from school.

The Toeic test from Testden was an effective way for me to check on the English skills I have learned so far. Laetitia in France I am currently an International Business student in my 4th year of college. Jorge in Mexico I am a mechanical engineer. It really taught me to readnig my listening and reading skills well. It really helped me to prepare.

– Free, Practice TOEIC Exam

Many companies in Japan have made it mandatory for job applicants to submit their TOEIC scores since it has been a global standard for assessing English language proficiency. The test redesinged a comprehensive assessment of your ability and a good idea of what the real test is like. It’s quite different from toefl which I took 8 years ago! Anh from Vietnam I’m a marketing analyst. The online tests at testden. Koragot in Thailand I am currently studying in my fourth year of university, majoring in Chemical Engineering.

I’m already recommending this site to all my friends who need help in preparing for the TOEIC tests also. I will listen to this iPod Shuffle in the subway and while walking. They were very similar and I was able to do my teste at the real thing. The reason why I looked for these practice exams was that I will develop my end-of-studies project in Iberia, where they want you to grammar the TOEIC exam before starting working.

Joao readinv Brazil I am a dentist and I will use my iPod Shuffle to listed music and audiobooks in my free time and when I’m in the bus or waiting for late patients.

I like it because it exposes listeners to the different English accents out there. I’m very happy I won it. This web site is not endorsed or approved by ETS.

I owe you this success. I will most probably use my iPod to listen to religious music at home or while traveling. Thank you for the prize. E-mail us at comment testden.


I feel like i easily hit over They’re very similar to the real test and provide a useful and accurate idea of what to expect in the actual exam. Wojciech in Poland I work in advertising and I’m sure the iPod will come in handy on many business trips. I will listen to my favorite music with the iPod wherever I go. Enter your user name and e-mail used to notify monthly winners. Tahere in France This is great news, thank you! The listening section exposes students to different accents of the English language.

Exam English ✓

Your practice tests helped me a great way in this matter. Since I’d like to work as a Spanish teacher in the UK, I think it would be a great asset for me to take this test.

While the TOEIC was a lot more challenging, I thought it was realistic because in the real world, we can’t get people to repeat themselves all the time just because we couldn’t hear them the first time. Kane in Canada I am an executive assistant. That’s why it really surprised me when I got favorable results.

It provided me with an idea of what the full test would be like, but at the recesigned time, it allowed me to quickly compare my fluency in English with that of other acquaintances.

Amelie in France I am currently unemployed since I took a year off and will be traveling. The best option to study was online. TestDEN will contact winners grsmmar e-mail.