13 Jan KalpavrikshaKamadenu · @Hindu_Living. You will find details about Hindu Festivals, Slokas, Prayers, Vegetarian cooking and much more. Dwadasha Stotra Preenayamo Vasudevam – YouTube. Dwadasha Stotra Preenayamo Vasudevam (Dwadasha 8th Stotra) Lyrics | Kalpavriksha Dates. vaMdE vaMdyaM sadAnaMdaM vAsudEvaM niraMjanaM iMdirApatimAdyAdi varadEsha varapradam || ||. I offer my salutations always to Sri Krishna, the son.

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Accept the fruits there-of also with the same submission to His will. Unknown June 24, at 7: After offering his obeisance to Vasudeva KrishnaAcharya Madhva describes the great and unique attributes of Sri Hari in the this second stotra. Posted by Vasundhara on April 27, at 9: Unknown November 18, at 9: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Posted by Pramod S on October 11, at The Ljrics logical argument here is that any entity which is independent will never be miserable as it will always choose happiness.

The conviction that Lord Krishna is supreme, without blemish and can give us the greatest gift which we can aspire, will lead to our praying Him rather than any one else and will also make us disinterested in worldly boons — just as some one who has access to the emperor will not seek some minor favors from a lesser official.


I wouldlike to hv a this dVD pls let me know where I can get Reply. He is the giver of Moksha to His devoted servants. Dear Meera, I am following your blog since years in Vasuxevam as both our daughters are here working.

It is much waited upon even by Brahma and others. Khanda means a piece tundu Reply. You have won over all evil persons.

The lotus like face of the Lord of Shri is effulgent with such brilliance that it can not be equaled even by thousands of full moons. This is well vzsudevam by valid shruti texts. Posted by Arjun on September 8, at 7: The mound contained the long-concealed icon of Sri Krishna which in the Dwapara Yuga had been worshipped by His own consort Rukmini devi.

Preenayamo Vasudevam – Nityapatanieeya stotragalu

So the title should be a little different. This gives an indication that the last thoughts of a dying person, which can only be determined by his priorities in life, will have decisive effect on his future lives.

God creates the world of so many wonders making use of many instruments or materials. You keep up the good work.

God experiences His bliss always, even when awake. He has said that the souls are infinite in number and Hari is Supreme in comparison to all of them. He is the Lord of all the gods. Vsudevam a waist is to be contemplated.

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Dwaadasha Stotras – verse by verse explanation | Shivalli Brahmins

Therefore, do your prescribed duties always with reverence to the feet of the Lord. Dear Meera, Thanks for this wonderful lyric. He has destroyed all enemies. His strength is beyond compare in quality and quantity.

preenayamo vasudevam lyrics with meaning

preeayamo He is full of auspicious qualities like jnAna, Ananda etc. He is the God who was present when no one else was there before creation. This vashdevam 9 verses. He is the best amongst all those worthy of being prayed to. The chest of Lord Vishnu, who is all pervading and is the Lord of all, is the abode of Indira Lakshmi dEvi and is infinite in space and time, but is still spanned by the two arms at either ends.

This stotra with 8 shlokas composed by Sri Poornaprajna, also called Anandateertha so called for having composed shaastras leading to Moksha when recited with devotion will secure the grace of Lord Sri Hari.

He has no aging or death.