30 May After the Second World War, the Allies betrayed their own civilizing values – the Atlantic Charter, the Four Freedoms, and the Geneva. 9 Aug Other Losses caused an international scandal when first published in by revealing that Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower’s. Other Losses has 68 ratings and 8 reviews. Other Losses: An Investigation Into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of James Bacque. Other.

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To that the careful writer adds about how a million or so other Germans were taken from the X place and sent to Y. Eisenhower was not a Hitler, he did not run death camps, German prisoners did not die by the hundreds of thousands, there was indeed a severe world food shortage inthere was nothing sinister or secret about DEF designation or about the Other Losses column.

But he also revealed something else that should be investigated further. The title of Other Losses derives from a column of figures in weekly U.

Their deaths were knowingly caused by army officers who had sufficient resources to keep the prisoners alive. Bacque, one understands, wants a villain in the piece.

His introduction concludes that ” Other Losses is seriously—nay, spectacularly—flawed in its most fundamental aspects. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you bacuqe to read.

Other Losses – Wikipedia

A complicated modern military bureaucracy such as SHAEF, is a tedious subject to study, unlikely to yield the insidious conspiracy apparently sought by this ex-publisher. Other Losses states that Eisenhower sought to sidestep the requirements of the Geneva Convention through the designation of these prisoners as Disarmed Enemy Forces DEFspecifically stating that “in March, as Germany was being cracked This revised edition of Other Losses presents all the relevant new material on the deaths plus new evidence of the suppression of truth by Western academics, press, and governments.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Paul rated it did not like it Jul 29, Eric rated it really liked it Apr 22, Lists with This Book. Germans have been doing it for 45 years. Time Magazine Monday, Oct. Emma Campbell rated it liked it Jul 01, The book cites orders from Eisenhower which stipulated that the Germans would be solely responsible for feeding and maintaining the DEFs, however, he then prevented any aid from reaching them.


However, this practice was apparently stopped as impractical, and all copies of the POW forms, roughly eight million, were destroyed. That lasted for about a week – as far as I can recall from our conversation.

Bischoff and Ambrose stated that Other Losses states that of Eisenhower, “he lodses ashamed that he bore a German name”, citing Stephen Ambrose and Colonel Ernest Fisher, when what Ambrose said to Fischer was “It is rumored that Ike once said, ‘I’m ashamed my name is Eisenhower,’ but I’ve never seen it, never used it, and don’t believe it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Former Bundeswehr officer, Colonel Max Klaar accepted the apology and presented a proposal for an official peace treaty, between Germany and the Allies.

Jueri rated it it was amazing Aug 05, Other Losses explains that Eisenhower’s staff must have been implicated, charging “[t]he squalor of the camps came from the moral squalor polluting the higher levels of the army.

Free shipping within North America. The introduction to the losss book also states that Bacque ignored that Eisenhower himself was the one warning his superiors about food shortages as early as February —months before the war had even ended—then bacqud in May when Eisenhower requested food imports from the United States.

So much for Bacque’s careful use of sources. Bacque studied philosophy and history and the University of Toronto, where he also holds an bachelor of arts. The introduction to the book publishing many of the New Orleans panel papers also noted that Bacque ignored the greatest source of for the “other losses” column, an August Report of the Military Governor that states “An additional group ofare lists as ‘other losses’consisting largely of members of the Volkssturm [People’s Militia] released without a formal charge.

My neighbour surrendered in France and was interned at St Nazaire.

How could the Americans almost one-third of whom are by ethnic background German conspire for so long to cover up such a vast crime? Cowdrey stated that Bacque’s methodology for determining just the “Other Losses” figures was also “slipshod”, with Bacque filling gaps in the records where no “other losses” were recorded by “comput[ing] the number of deaths by applying the death rate given in Army statistics for another period to the known number of prisoners at hand.


After the publication of Bacque’s book, a panel of eight historians gathered for a symposium in the Eisenhower Center for American Studies [38] at the University of New Orleans from December 7—8, to review Bacque’s work. When the KGB opened its archives in the s,German soldiers and 93, civilians previously recorded as missing were found to be listed in the Bulanov report as dying in the Soviet camps.

These findings have since been further solidified by detailed case studies on individual American POW camps in Germany hastily otehr at the end of the warlike Christof Strauss’s exhaustive Heidelberg dissertation on the POW and internment in the Heilbronn camp. Their impression was that they were going to be othed as part of an Allied offensive against the USSR. Furthermore, there is no separate column in which deaths were recorded. As a consequence of those and other otber, the book “makes charges that are demonstrably absurd.

The book quotes Konrad Adenauer later Chancellor of Germany stating that “The German prisoners have been penned up for weeks without any protection from the weather, without drinking water, without medical care.

Other Losses by James Bacque

Army iames that Bacque states actually reflects a body count of German prisoners that died of slow starvation or diseases. Petra Strasek rated it really liked it Oct 15, Army’s theater provost marshal, which Other Losses states is actually a “body count” of dead prisoners. Other Losses claimed that “The victims undoubtedly number over , almost certainly overand quite likely over a million.

This revised edition of Other Losses presents all The first edition of this controversial book caused an international scandal by claiming that almost one million German prisoners of war had died of starvation in American and French death camps after World War II.