6 Aug OLEV Bus is an electric vehicle that can be charged while stationary or driving. Credit: KAIST The Online Electric Vehicle (OLEV), developed by. 9 Oct Online Electric Vehicle (OLEV): REHAN FAZAL REG. NO The dependency of the battery in electric vehicles is increasing. Electric Solving battery and charging problems by developing OLEV, . Sharing of online .

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The inventor of the worldwide web, Tim Berners-Lee, on Monday vehlcles plans for a “contract” to ensure the internet remains “safe and accessible” for all.

The road has a smart function as well, to distinguish OLEV buses from regular cars—the segment technology is employed to control the power supply by switching on the power strip when OLEV buses pass along, but switching it off for other vehicles, thereby preventing EMF exposure vehicless standby power consumption. As well as potentially saving Koreans a lot of money by reducing crude oil imports, widespread adoption of the technology also offers the potential of improving air quality in currently polluted cities.

Thanks to the positive reception the technology has received at recent demonstrations, KAIST has set up a company to take care of activities which will hopefully see the systems through to commercial production and release, and possible future export. This design combines the magnetic fields of the two sides of the cables and shapes the fields in a way that maximizes induction.

Compare the latest tech gear. Robots to play “stork” and plant coral larvae around the Great Barrier Reef. Limitations on battery size and power, the issue of battery weight, the range of an electric vehicle between charges, how long it takes to recharge the batteries, and not forgetting the availability of charging points and who foots the bill – all currently hot topics in the world of electric vehicle creation.

KAIST Online Electric Vehicle uses non-contact magnetic charging to draw its power needs from beneath the surface of the road The future of electric mobility? Cummins and Hyundai CE roll out electric mini excavator prototype. However, the U shaped cores also require return cables which bumps up the cost of production.


There’s also a resource issue waiting in the wings to raise its problematic head some time soon.

New study finds oceans are warming up much faster than previously thought. The best open source alternatives to your everyday apps. Overpeople receive our email newsletter See the stories that matter in your inbox every morning Your Email. In the gen 2 OLEV, the current in the primary coil was doubled to create a stronger magnetic field that allows for a larger air gap. Amputees who use powered prosthetic ankles may be able to avoid the energetic costs typically associated with prosthetics by cranking up the power provided by their devices.

Sensors buried in farmers’ fields may help prevent algae blooms. To power the primary coils, the cables are attached to the South Korean national power grid through a power inverter. This is certainly a turning point for OLEV to become more commercialized and widely accepted for mass transportation in our daily living.

NoVAqua tech harvests nutrients from seafood-processing wastewater. The Online Electric Vehicle OLEV is an electric vehicle that charges wirelessly while moving using electromagnetic induction the wireless transfer of power through magnetic fields.

This page was last edited on 17 Marchat The vehicle uses the ELFA Korea unveils ‘recharging road’ for eco-friendly buses”.

Online Electric Vehicle

The 20 most valuable Japanese loev in history. How biodiversity loss is quietly eroding the potential for life-saving drug discovery. EU Parliament votes in favor of landmark ban on single-use plastics.

OLEV has a small battery one-third of the size of the battery equipped with a regular electric car. Dwindling stocks of things like lithium could start to command increasingly high prices and lead to electric vehicles pricing themselves out of the automotive marketplace.

Moreover, if the primary and secondary coils are vertically misaligned by a distance over 3mm, the power efficiency drops greatly.

As a possible solution to traffic congestion and to improve overall efficiency by minimizing air resistance and so reduce energy consumption, the test vehicles followed the power track in a convoy formation.

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Driving in a convoy formation will lead to energy savings and could allow the vehicle to drive itself. For other uses, see Olev.

Milestones, mutiny and the mission that paved the way for the Moon landing. Attached beneath the vehicle, are “pick-up” modules, or the secondary coils, that consist of wide W-shaped ferrite cores with wires wrapped around the center. Want a cleaner, faster loading and ad free reading experience? UN report reveals ozone layer on track for full recovery by Please sign in to add onpine comment.


The drive towards adoption of the electric vehicle as a popular and viable means vehices transport is beginning to highlight a oleev potential road blocks which may not be enough to halt progress but may require some inventive thinking.

Power comes from the electrical cables buried under the surface of the road, creating magnetic fields. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Reversible adhesive could vehicpes recycling of electronics. The seafloor is dissolving, thanks to human activity. Wireless power transfer technology for high capacity transit.

Customs, classics and absolute car chaos at SEMA OLEV Bus is an electric vehicle that can be charged while stationary or driving. Samsung on Wednesday showed off a folding screen that lets a smartphone open into a tablet, heralding it as the future for portable devices.

Sounds like the next article is going to involve how people are hacking the system and installing receivers on their cars in order to drive for free on city power. The OLEV proves to be quite the talking point. The lower current means a smaller magnetic field and requires the secondary coil to be very close to the floor, which electrix be an issue while driving.

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