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Cannibalism in teleost fish. Help Center Find new research papers in: The costs of parental care in teleost fishes.

Finding examples of cannibalism is not difficult, and it may be more interesting to look for taxa in which the behaviour does normas apa upel 2013 take place. Asignacion 4 propuesta control calidad.

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Cannibalism is of some economic importance in aquaculture, paa its impact can be reduced relatively easily, by frequent grading to reduce size variability.


Actualidad y tendencias de las revistas arbitradas. Investigations, however, should recognize normas apa upel 2013 different types of cannibalistic interaction, and, in particular, should explore the different implications of kin and nonkin cannibalism.

Although in captive populations, cannibalism tends to increase with increasing density and decreasing food availability, its role in population regulation has not been unequivocally demonstrated in any wild normas apa upel 2013, and obtaining the necessary data presents a formidable challenge to fish ecologists.

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Log In Sign Up. Cannibalistic behaviour in fish is reviewed here for the first time. Cannibalism has been recorded in 36 out of teleost families according to the published literature, but is considered to be more widespread than this.

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In an ultimate sense the behaviour may have evolved as a particularly effective competitive strategy. Cannibalism has been classified into seven types, depending on life-history stage, age difference between cannibal and prey, and whether or not they are related.


The normas apa upel 2013 proximate advantage conferred by cannibalism is assumed to be nutritional.

Finally, it is considered that cannibalism deserves more attention from fish biologists. Click here to sign up. The families that have provided normas apa upel 2013 most information include the Engraulididae, Esocidae, Poeciliidae, Gasterosteidae, Percidae and Cichlidae.

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