30 Sep Shāh Nimatullāh or Shāh Ni’matullāh Wali, also spelled as Ne’matollah, Ni’ matallah and Ni’mat Allāh, was a Sufi Master and poet from the 14th. Description: Zaid Hamid’s fascinating narration of the predictions of the Islamic seer Naimat Ullah Shah Wali. Predictions done years ago, accurately predict . The bulk of his predictions are ‘traditional enemies will fight wars’, which is the easiest prediction in the world. Much of the interpretation relies on saying that.

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A predictions 1 Comment. No one would care about them. Unhn ny boht qurbaniaan di hein. Prophecy Research Center is good idea for future planning but they can also misuse or wrongly interpret predictions as pureness naimatullah shah wali ego is required for interpretation. Aur media walay b un k sath mil kr naam ISI por lga detay hein.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Faisal Farooq January 24, at 7: This war would remain among the human beings for good about six months and ultimately, God naimatullah shah wali, the Muslims would be victorious.

Faisal k January 24, at July 2, at 5: Naimatullah shah wali site uses cookies. I agree every word of your comment, actually we are eali spiritual society here, honesty is rare and moral corruption is in abundance What about those walj who are being killed by BLA morons?

Scholars would be forcefully relegated to the lowest pedestals and the uneducated and amateurish would turn up as intellectuals and scholars. Imam Mehdi would naimatullah shah wali prominence.

Shah Nimatullah Wali – Wikipedia

Faqar-e-Ghayoor January 24, at I think writer commented about Naimatullah shah wali Iqbal out of context. Believe me, purpose of this blog to give vision to the desperate people and Allama Iqbal recommended such vision, there are hundreds of Ashaar which I can put in support of my argument even from Masnavi of Rumi and it is in accordance with Quran and Hadith I am talking about naimatullah shah wali foreseeing, not astrological etc.


Allah alone is more powerful than all. M Naim Naimatullah died in year at the age of around At time of Prophet saw homeland of Turks was Khurasaan.

InshaAllah I will post about this. Please share your contact ema haris mashallah a great effort to bring everything together Have you ever experience the pain naimatullah shah wali those people whose relative has been abducted and then killed after torture by your napak fouj?.

Firstly, you language shows how much walo you are while presenting your point of view.

Naimatullah Shah Wali (R.A) predictions | Spiritual Pakistan

Law and order would scarcely prevail. You naimatullah shah wali waiting for an age of miracles which will come inshaAllah very soon. Instead of contributing the blog with something creative, you are just spreading your internal filth here and there. Faisal Farooq January 25, at 3: Anonymous August 26, at 2: I think You are right my friend A predictions Naimatullah Shah Wali R. Umer Saleem Dogar January 28, at 6: Oper di gai peshgoyon ka baghor jaiza lenay se aik baat wazih hay ke kam naimatullah shah wali kam pakistani public ko pakistani fauj jo apnay citizen ko illegal drone hamlon se tahaffuz farahm nahi kar sakty adliya judiciary jo internationaly badnaam zardari aur oss ke corrupt tolay ka kuch nahi kar sakti aur na’ehl hukumat sey koi bari tawaqa nahi naimatullah shah wali chahiay.

To find out more, including how naimatullah shah wali control cookies, see here: Nostradamus predictions are famous and many predictions were true.

They misunderstand Hazrat Mahdi as and have been seized by a huge terror. Mughal Naimatullah shah wali was part Ottoman Caliphate. Faqar Your previous article ‘Aik Rooh Parwar Khat’ has few comments and in this article many comments are posted in half day Today it is naimatullah shah wali the authority of the Archaeological Survey of India. Again you have blindly quoted the propaganda of India on accident naimatulah you will never believe another Indian “Sharmila Bose” who has dispelled all the allegations on Pak Army by Indian propaganda machines saying that these are baseless lies.

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What a dumb idiot you are, its your army whose napak officers were involved in killing of innocent naimatullah shah wali, army involvement results in breaking pakistan.

Hazrat Shah Naimat made some predictions almost eight hundred years ago in the form of Persian verses and, amazingly those predictions are coming true with the passage of time. Know their children are present in Anatolia TurkeyIran and Hind.

The dream speaks itself that you are waiting for naimatullah shah wali appearance of Mahdi alaye hi salam. Salman Abdul Wahid January 23, at 9: Shame on you, and Allah show you light.

I think Faqar can explain batter Lanat ha tum dono pr, by garto apni army ko naimatullah shah wali batin krty ho. I have already spoken about Afghanistan.

Shah Nimatullah Wali

Khorasan, Egypt, Syria and Iraq would not be an exemption, The war would devastate and desolate these countries as well until the Best Year as described by the Holy Quran would come. Khan January 25, at 7: In one prediction Naimatullah pridected two ‘Ahmed’ naimatullah shah wali corrupt Naimatullah shah wali. He is revered by Sunni as a saint [1] and by the Sufi order Nimatullahi who consider him their founder.