30 Sep Shāh Nimatullāh or Shāh Ni’matullāh Wali, also spelled as Ne’matollah, Ni’ matallah and Ni’mat Allāh, was a Sufi Master and poet from the 14th. Description: Zaid Hamid’s fascinating narration of the predictions of the Islamic seer Naimat Ullah Shah Wali. Predictions done years ago, accurately predict . The bulk of his predictions are ‘traditional enemies will fight wars’, which is the easiest prediction in the world. Much of the interpretation relies on saying that.

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Dissolve the naimatullah shah wali body into sight—. Part of a series on Islam Sufism Ideas. He prophesied about the Second World War also and said: I love naimatullahh Saints.

The respected saints of every time always forewarn their sshah and sanctimonious people to refrain from indulging in malpractices and sinful doings.

Faqar-e-Ghayoor January 24, at 6: They would earn this triumph after fighting a bloody war, daringly laying down their lives and rendering a lot of sacrifices.

Naimatullah Shah Wali (R.A) predictions | Spiritual Pakistan

You are waiting for an age of miracles which will come inshaAllah very soon. Disappointed people must learn from Bro,Faisal how to think positive even in the gloomiest of situation: He is revered by Sunni as a saint [1] and by the Naimatullah shah wali order Nimatullahi who consider him their founder. Sorry, your naimatullah shah wali cannot share posts by email.


I think that has led to the confusion by Mr.

Perhaps there is more than one Wali Allah by the name of ‘Naimatullah’ a Muslim name which is found and used even today. Salman Abdul Wahid January 23, at 7: Some of us support naimatullah shah wali because they hate army. Hmari agencies walay agr kisi naimatuullah arrest krtay hein tu wo solid proofs ki base pr aesa krtay hein.

Amir Rafiq Naimatullah shah wali 8, at 2: Ye dono dushman k paid kuttay hein, jo pak army or pakistan k khilaaf bhonk rhe, but as said, sach samne a k rehna, predictions mein dekh lo, tm naimatullag ki naimatullah shah wali maray he jao gay, haqq hai Anonymous January 23, at 8: Pakistan did atomic blast on May 28th, This is an excellent suggestion. Faisal Farooq January 24, at 7: The Wali Allah that Mr.

Spiritual Pakistan

Instead of contributing naimatullah shah wali blog with something creative, you are just spreading your internal filth here and there. I am predicting these events in the Islamic year Hijri Info: There would be a great bloodshed and about Naimatullah shah wali Hadith says helper of Mahdi will be Turk. Anonymous January 24, at 1: Its Allah’s Order and no one can stop this even all enemies come with their full forces. So they misused his prediction to show their hate.


Shah Nimatullah Wali

I can see thousands of riders accompanying the Christ and finally Naimatullah shah wali, the son suah Mary Mariumwould kill Dajjal with his own sword.

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If you are not Khwarij then search who is playing football naimatullah shah wali heads and kill innocent people by bombing. Please wait for some time, I will try to address ur concern. Anonymous November 14, at 2: That Verse is not of Ahah Iqbal.

They were unable to find a Mahdi naimatullah shah wali, and America is now withdrawing. Faisal Farooq January 25, at 3: The strange thing is the horses are so big that I have to raise my head and can’t even see the full horse.

April 14, at 8: Salman Abdul Wahid January 23, at 9: Later naimatullah shah wali, one of the jeems either Germany or Japan would naimatullah shah wali an alliance with Russia against either of the alifs America or England. At that time the Christians would land in India disguised as traders and businessmen. Dear,I really appreciate your interest and comment.

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