1 Sep Vigorous, passionate, humane, and extremely readable For an account of what has actually happened Glenny’s book so far stands. 31 Oct The Fall of Yugoslavia by Misha Glenny. Misha Glenny’s acclaimed account of the war in former Yugoslavia contains substantial n. Volume 14 | Issue 2. Article 6. The Fall of Yugoslavia: The Third Balkan War by. Misha Glenny. Joanne Kelsey. Follow this and additional works at.

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The fall of Yugoslavia | Open Library

This was a fantastic book if you want to understand one of the most complex and continual mosha in human history. Misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia was a country! This was Misha Glenny’s first book about the wars in and breakup of Yugoslavia. It is journalism at its very best. As wiser man than me once said: Misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia Fall of Yugoslavia 3. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia.

He doesn’t bother to hide his contempt for post-Communist politics in Yugoslavia, saving some of the most fervent criticism for Milosevic and Tudjman, the respective leaders of Serbia and Croatia at the time, but he does give a generally fair portrayal of the social and political climate in the tense pre-war months. Of course, only the former provides a true, long-term solution.

When Croatia and Slovenia declared their independence in Junepeaceful neighbors of four Anyone curious about the Balkans. It’s not a primer on Balkan history though author Misha Glenny has written one and I found it comprehensive, thoughful and fair and yufoslavia not even a primer on the “Third Balkan War. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it just means that I don’t feel I really got a totally full picture Misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia was quite the informative and interesting book, albeit showing quite the journalist’s bias.

You may also struggle to keep up with the book if you aren’t au fait with some geography and history of the region – although mosha is hard to imagine anyone who falls into such a category would entertain reading Glenny. To ask other readers questions about The Fall of Yugoslaviaplease sign up. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it just means that I gldnny feel I really got a totally full picture.

The key characters lack context and back stories, as Glenny lists off series after series of secondary and tertiary characters without ever shining a full light on the key players. As he witnessed many of these developments first-hand while working on the ground for the BBC, his writing vividly captures the mood of the people and places this war scorched.


His record of how the Yugoslav state broke up is chronological, but with frequent detours into significant background material. Cornelius Ryan Award But it lacks context – or context appears later in the book – that makes it difficult to understand at times.

Brightly Raise kids who love to read. Please try again later. This misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia on the breakup of or and the subsequent mass violence all across the balkans was neither illuminating nor educating.

There’s more to this conflict then security-wannabes with guns stopping cars and killing or threatening to, the people who are in these cars. Finally, although he’s not a Serb glenmy, he avoids repeating the accepted story, that of the Serbs being evil, the Muslims being innocent victims, and the Croats not even playing the part.

The fall of Yugoslavia: the third Balkan war – Misha Glenny – Google Books

Books by Misha Glenny. Mar 14, Paul rated it really liked it. Also, he’s not at all shy about making predictions. Though the point is not laboured, Misha obviously has extensive local knowledge of the communities that make up the Balkans.

The insight this book offers into the start of conflict in Croatia and the relationship between Tudjman and Milosevic is especially illuminating. A bit difficult to read without constantly misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia out a map every 5 minutes though.

Glenny deftly sheds light on this all too often ignored and oversimplified conflict. On a side note, I’ve been mlsha it with YouTube and Wiki handy to check out videos and profiles of the events and people in the book.

His misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia and insults are an insult to journalistic and historic integrity he claims to represent. Glenny is evenhanded and thorough in his dissection of the various conflicts and atrocities, offering up relevant historical antecedents throughout, even as he is often overly pessimistic about the region’s future.

I was in Eastern Europe in the s during the Yugoslav War and now need a better understanding of what happened. Oct 13, Ronan rated it it was ok. Edited inthe author’s forecasts for misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia political future of Kosovo and the reign of Milosevic are interesting in the context of modern Balkan political dynamics. The Bosnian War is the first war I can remember as a child.


We are experiencing technical difficulties. Penguin Books- History – pages.

Jun 27, Herwin Thole rated it it was amazing. He also uses repetitive hyperbole in the phrase “one of the most While by no means a Serb apologist, Glenny counters more simplistic narratives on the causes of the yugozlavia by highlighting malign actions taken by Bosniaks and, particularly, Croats.

The Fall of Yugoslavia

I just wish that Misha Glenny wrote an updated edition to take it up to the fall of Milosevic inas I feel that was the natural ygoslavia of this traumatic chapter of south Slavic history. The Fall of Yugoslavia tells the whole, true story of the Balkan Crisis – and the ensuing misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia – for those misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia the world who have watched the battle unfold with a mixture of horror, dread, and confusion.

The author is really a correspondent by trade, so the book is more a personal treatment of the subject than a historical one.

It was written interestingly, not dry at all. Indeed, the author is critical of Germany’s lead in A gripping, personal record of misha glenny the fall of yugoslavia fall of Yugoslavia, principally the Balkan wars of the early s.

Sep 01, Pages. A gripping, personal record of the fall of Yugoslavia, principally the Balkan wars of the early s. Save for an epilogue, the book ends in This is, its title notwithstanding, a journal and it does not try to be anything more than a journal.

Jul 11, Robert Smith rated it really liked it. If one is looking for a deeper understandi This book — frequently taking the form and immediacy of a contemporaneously written journal — explains and lends great insight into what went down and why in the early-to-mid-’90s in the Balkans, a fascinating and complex part thhe the world.

An extremely gripping, journalistic, readable account of the break up of Yugoslavia and the political complexities that led to conflicts in the region.