Bueno el segundo libro de la saga existence!!! yuju!!! sin fin de lucro que quede claro. Ceaseless. Abbi Glines Toda semana postamos novas vídeo-resenhas sobre livros interessantes. Clique nas Resumo do Livro Ceaseless em PDF. Predestined [Abbi Glines] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. You would think after helping save her boyfriend from an eternity in Hell that.

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And then there’s the whole thing with Leif. Pagan’s memories were taken away so she could have a fair chance of getting together with her soulmate, Jay.

Firstly,the book starts with Leif missing and Pagan having nightmares about a boy livrk was always by her side when she needed someone to co Ever since I read Existence I had this feeling that Leif would be the good guy he always seemed to be. Talk about hot and steamy; sexy and sensual; and sweet and tender. Al principio Leif dice: Leif scared me to death. I will never forget this series because of you!

And even though in the end when he got a bit more forceful with her, I believe that he always had her best interests at heart. Pagan’s selfless choice at the end of Existence and if you haven’t read it you will need to in order to find out what that washas allowed she and Dank to be together. She drinks afternoon tea because she wants to be British but alas she was born in Alabama. Leif, you drove me crazy. It was so disheartening.


Abbi Glines – Wikipedia

But the writing is really, really bad. Take Leif for example. Dank’s POV, as usual, was the best even though I suffered like a baby every time something related to the past books appeared. And the heartbreak and jealousy that comes with Jay worming his way back into Pagan’s heart had me glued to the story, holding my breath for her to finally wake up and remember her true love!

Pagan and Dank’s bliss is short lived when Leif, Pagan’s soulless ex-boyfriend returns.

She drinks afternoon tea because she wants to be British but alas she was born in Alabama. Seriously though, the whole jealousy thing: AND – Pagan is one my favorite heroines.

Predestined (Existence #2)

During this book Leif you still see what a good guy he is. Oh to be Pagan.

But can you imagine being an While reading this I couldnt recall how I felt about Leif in Predestined. The entire story is actually a little bit ridiculous. Okay, I get that he’s hands a tied, but come on, he could of really done something more if he wanted to, but he chose to be selfish and possessive, because he could.


She knows more than a soul should know. Spoilers After literally going to hell and back, Pagan and Dank are finally together.

Abbi Glines

It’s just the sinopsis! And here it is: I’m not sure why predesstined bothered me, but it did. However, because she couldn’t remember, it made it believable that she might have her attention divided. I loved the way that after having gone through so many difficulties they finally succeded to find their happily ever after.

I don’t want to give anything away and ruin it for anyone but I real I’d been looking forward to this book – the ending of existence had me screeching “NOOO” along with several expletives – what a cliff hanger!! Predeatined great one by Abbi.

I’m so happy for your happily ever after. Jan 31, Michelle rated it it was amazing. Other books in the series.