IIIProfessor Assistente de Neuropediatria, do Departamento de Pediatria. Relato de dois casos de leucodistrofia metacromática, forma infantil tardia, em um. Jornal de Pediatria inatos do metabolismo e proporciona ao pediatra uma visão geral da doença de Krabbe ou da leucodistrofia metacromática Revista Chilena de Pediatría . Se asocia a leucodistrofia metacromática, mucopolisacaridosis, condrodisplasia punctata recesiva ligada a X, deterioro.

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San Antonio-Arce g, T.

Otros Others 66 Coma subaracnoidea, subdural, extradural hemorrhage extradural Cerebrovascular cerebrovascular insufficiency Tooth ligado a X Coma forma apropiada y dosis administered correctas When it came to allocating codes, account was taken of the fact that these form the basis for managing the diagnostic related groups DRG which link codes to use of resources costs.

Coma posterior reversible reversible encephalopathy syndrome Movement olivopontocerebelosa disorders Por ejemplo, de la CIE-9, 4. C, Gaucher, Fabry, etc. Motivos de consulta Perspect Health Inf Manag ; 1: The digitized Excel version of this coding enables users to make a quick search of diagnoses, by entering broad search terms and synonyms of the descriptor.

This paper outlines the systematic approach followed by the WG, as well as the codes selected for allocation to the respective diagnostic descriptions or procedures.

While both should rightly have the same category or subcategory, the ICD was nevertheless respected and the code assigned that best covered the disorder which had no direct entry in the ICD.


The better a case is coded, the pediztria information becomes available for its management.

Neurología Pediátrica – Natalio Fejerman – Google Books

The diagnosis was made by electromiography signs of denervationmotor nerve conduction velocity very decreasedassay of arylsulfatase A in the urine absence of activitysural nerve biopsy demielinization and presence of metachromatie granules by the cresyl-violet and toluidine blue and muscle biopsy atrophy of type I fibers and presence of metachromatic material in the intramuscular nerve fibers.

Myasthenic syndromes in Neuromuscular diseases Lambert- Eaton diseases classified elsewhere. In the event of not finding it, search through other sections that could also cover it.

As a result, our adaptation involved no substantial modification of specific weights and costs per procedure. Trastornos del movimiento 5.

Index of /img/revistas/adp/v83n3

The creation of this ICD-9 adaptation will not only enhance diagnostic coding in child neurology departments, but will also provide them with a useful tool for setting up databases to enable information to be retrospectively analyzed and shared by the different health centers. Reasons for medical consultation.

Neurocutaneous syndromes 28 5. Infectious and inflammatory disorders. How to code The ICDCM recommends choosing the most specific diagnostic code, with the greatest number of digits possible: Myelopathy of vascular Vertebral column and spinal infarto, trombosis arterial, origin: Por esto es encomiable el trabajo de este grupo de neuropediatras, dirigi- dos por la Dra.

Refsum, other systemic disorders neurotology A-beta-lipoproteinemia and syndromes: International Classification of Headache Disorders 2. Diagnoses are shown under only one disorder section despite the fact that they might pertain to several such sections The digitized Excel version of this coding enables users to make a quick diagnostic search, by entering a term similar to or synonymous with the descriptor into the search lwucodistrofias. Furthermore, health-care quality policy renders it essential for diagnoses and procedures to be computerized so as to simplify decision-making by health administrators diagnostic related groups and costs per procedure.


Movement benigna de la mirada leucodistrotias Traumatic, toxic and iatrogenic disorders.

Click here to sign up. Unverricht- disorders, leucodistroffias disorders Lundborg, Lafora, Lundborg disease, Lafora ceroidolipofuscinosis disease, neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, sialidosis, MERRF, other types Retrasos y trastornos del desarrollo, del aprendizaje y de la conducta 6. Moreover, it allows for consistent, standardized coding of child pediattia diagnoses based on an internationally accepted system.

Coma hemorrhage included Skip to main content. In all cases, an effort was made to find the code that provided the best fit for the respective diagnoses.

Chromosomal and genomic 25 disorders 4. The most frequent reasons for medical consultation, diagnoses and procedures in neuropediatrics were selected and assigned the most appropriate International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification 5th ed.

Infectious and inflammatory otras: