LAURA. [Vera. Caspary] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. bce, hardcover. Tight spine. Pages and boards in overall excellent. Laura is one of the most perfect movies ever made. A mystery over a murder, unrequited love and a twist at the end come together in this film, directed by . A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Laura by Vera Caspary.

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Loved the setting of New York in the ‘s. Juro que nunca tinha ouvido falar em Vera Vea ; escritora Americana de romances e contos policiais.

It takes a master’s touch to makes us see the real people and the real problems behind this avalanche of gossip and glossy publicity shots, and here I think is the one reason why the present novel will remain relevant for a few decades more. I can’t pronounce it. Detective Mark McPherson lauga a lot and keeps his own council, most of the time, but even he gets rattled casoary the airs Lydecker assumes: Clifton Webb is imperious as the snobby and controling Lydecker.

On finishing high school, Caspary decided not to go to college but to seek a writing job, and wound up a stenographer. View laurw 27 comments. He falls in love with Laura, well the painting of Laura. The movie covers the story laurx thoroughly. The one person that actually read it said the only thing she disliked about it is that, while caspaey entire thing is told in first person narrative, it changes from character to character throughout.

We see that the hero of the film is dead. A young woman when the Great Depression hit America, Caspary soon developed a keen interest in Socialist causes, and joined Vera Caspary, an acclaimed American writer of novels, plays, short stories and screenplays, was born in Chicago in Refresh and try again. This is no simple task. Vera Caspary died in and is survived by a literary legacy of strong independent female characters. Each of them, of course, hides several relevant secrets, which deepens the mystery, and creates a whirlwind of intense questioning, personal conflic Rating is for lauta play.


New York Times biography of Caspary. I can see the office now, the desk and filing-case and a proof of a Lady Lilith color ad with Diane lying backward on a couch, head thrown back, breasts pointed upward like small hills.

Laura – Vera Caspary

My written dialogue will have more clarity, compactness, and essence of character than their spoken lines, for I am able to edit while I casparu, whereas they carried on their conversations in a loose and pointless fashion with no sense of form or crisis in the building of their scenes.

This is one of the casapry instances where the film outshines the book, but only because I adore Gene Tierney and much prefer the ending re-written for the film.

Nonfiction Unsold Television Pilots: Lines were delivered in different settings and certain, critical scenes from the movie are non-existent in the book. Books by Vera Caspary. Vera Caspary, an acclaimed American writer of novels, plays, short stories and screenplays, was born in Chicago in The movie is 40’s chic; streamlined and mesmerizing in it’s appeal.

The victim was shot when she answered the door of her apartment, her body identified by her maid and her aunt — Laura Hunt, a successful young professional working in advertising, and engaged to be married, the following week, to much less successful co-worker Shelby Carpenter. The book has a grittier feel, and adds character depth not found in the movie. There is also Shelby Carpenter.

Shelby comes from a different world. Frankly, I had never seen it on any of the shelves of the used book stores I frequented. Open Preview See a Problem? Dare I say, literary-pulp. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I’m told the movie made from the book changed some of the plot. While that may, ultimately, be necessary, she certainly does so earlier than need be — and the novel struggles a bit to regain its footing after that, wobbling some as it shifts to the voices that follow.


Caspary spent this period of self-described ‘purgatory’ alternately in Europe and America with her husband, Igee Goldsmith, in order to find work. Waldo Lydecker is also in love with Laura. Laura recalls the day she discovered her fiance’s infidelity with a young model named Diane Redfern. Justin rated it really liked it Nov 22, Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Lydecker likes o pontificate on a number of subjects his own magnificence, culture, food, manners, etcbut relevant to the story might be his opinion on crime literature: Laura was also a longtime friend of Lydecker’s — and was supposed to dine with him on the evening of the murder. The storm was coming closer. Do I make sense? The author uses light and darkness, shadows and storms, flowers and foreshadowing, to highlight scenes and create atmosphere.

Laura (Stage Play)

verra Maybe it is because he can recognize the finer things in life and express his reverence so eloquently for art, books, and plays. It’s a matter of taste. An enjoyable, and swiftly paced, detective story, set in the early 40’s. Are the women around her grasping, slutty, innocent, or confused? Caspary used many conventions of the femme fatale—Laura is beautiful, she rouses erotic feelings in the men who meet her.

Can the dour Scotsman maintain the distance between his professional and his emotional life? In such inconsistent trifles as an ancient baseball, a worn ‘Gulliver’, a treasured snapshot, he sought clues, not to the passing riddle of a murder, but to the eternally enigmatic nature of woman. The latter is a word used by McPherson and he is ridiculed for that by another daspary character: La Factory websiteJanuary 28,