Why I Am Not a Hindu has ratings and 28 reviews. Priya said: Casteism is an evil that has been prevalent in our country for ages though this has most. Why I Am Not a Hindu [Kancha Illaiah] on Kancha Ilaiah ia not a Hindu because it suits his pocket book to be a mouthpiece for the evangelists. Why I am Not a Hindu: A Sudra Critique of Hindutva Philosophy, Culture and Political Kancha Ilaiah’s book Why I am not a Hindu is a manifestation of this.

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Kancha Ilaiah

Even the communist revolutions have been hijacked by Brahmins. Telling them that everyone is equal that there is no such thing as caste system but in order to do that, Indians must spread awareness instead of bashing eachother. This book portraits the personal views and opinions of author.

They maintained huge stores of plant genes. You do it through repositioning caste at childhood. Retrieved from ” https: Notify me of new comments via email. In AprilIlaiah gave a controversial remark that vegetarianism is anti-nationalism. Ilaiah earned a Ph. Read reviews that mention must read hindu hate hinduism hindus india agenda biased caste kancha rating christian facts freedom nation system.

I will mentioned few point below, it will help you to understand why he is writing such flammable book against Hinduism. Hindu family and social systems are rigidly patriarchal with women having no hinsu or power, while Dalit systems are more democratic. But Hindu Brahminisrn reacted to this historical transformation and started the counter-revolutionary Hindutva movement by reemphasizing leisure, mantra and moksha as basic principles which will undermine the onward march of Indian society.


If you are interested to understand the dalit culture and know about their gods, this book could be a good beginning By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Over the years, a small group of people have lived in luxury out of the riches eked out of the lifeblood of the large substrata of society. Aryans destroyed the Indus Valley civilisation and pushed all the people to the south; Buddha was an anti-caste crusader; the whole of India became Buddhist at one point of time, and was forcibly converted back to Hinduism using strong arm tactics.

Feb 19, Arun rated it really liked it. This is the only religion in the world where the killer becomes god. As discussed earlier, while the Dalitbahujans live labour as life, the Hindus inverted this principle and privileged leisure over labour.

Why I Am Not a Hindu

Socio-Politico-Edu Systems geared towards Hindus: How much is this guy backed by political propaganda and nindu the missions abroad who are funding him to distort reality? You are commenting using your Facebook account.

But his construction of dalitbahujan culture is flawed and does the greatest disservice to dalitbahujan peoples themsleves. Maybe the publisher should be more careful.

Kancha Ilaiah – Wikipedia

Books by Kancha Ilaiah. This should be done in a peaceable way, through the ballot-box and re-education of Indian society.

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Their minds are poisoned with the notion that productive work is mean and that productive castes are inferior. I agree with the observation.

What Ilaiah is worried about is the induction of millions of people under the Hindu wing, who were miserable outcasts in its original implementation — by stressing the pluses of a pluralistic culture, the BJP is trying recruit people to what essentially is a fascist agenda.

Overall, it is a terrific read! External links [ edit ]. Why not celebrate the beauty and skill of a Goudaa, which over and above being an art, science and an exercise has productive value. Dalits have always resisted this attempt at assimilation: Many people drop off when they notice that they are not pulling their weight in the organisation.


kanxha Whereas Buddha believed in discourse and resolving the conflict. This is not true, read this book with an open but critical mind and go on and do your own research like I did. Ilaiah denies that Sudra religion is a part of Hinduism, or that Sudra culture is a part of Hindu society, but that is almost self evidently false.

Capture the Hindu temples by expelling the Brahmins from them.