All this came to mind recently when I picked up a novel I’d been meaning to read for many years, John Barth’s The Sot-Weed Factor. Reading. The Sot-Weed Factor. John Barth. “This is Barth’s most distinguished masterpiece . This modern classic is a hilarious tribute to all the most insidious human vices. ii 1 03 THE SOX-WEED FACTOR by John Barth THE FI-OATINC OPFJRA THE KKI> OF XJfcUE ROAJD THJ SOT-‘WJeKO FACTOR The SOT-WEED.

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Stutz begins from a different point of view: Is’t more knot “No pleasure pleasures me as doth a well-spun tale, be’t sad or merry, cactor or deep!

May 08, Suzanne rated it it was amazing Shelves: A pretty tale indeed, if not a virtuous. The style could well be Fielding, except that Barth is even more hilarious.

If you are writing a novel, say, and wish to introduce recreational drug use into the plot you may want the characters to seem more subversive, irrational, hedonistic, or edgyyou might shy away from the ho-hum world of schedule 1 drugs: That’s some reward for virtue!

There was a time, not so very long ago, when serious — and funny, challenging, mind-bending — fiction was passionately read and discussed, a vibrant part of our national life.

This was a moral high ground telling that took its time for getting there to some final if leavened heaven. Still, a tale requires a listener, just as much as a speaker, so we sof know its meaning, until we know how it has been heard.


The Sot-Weed Factor (), by John Barth | All-TIME Novels |

Ah, except for bath Joan Toast. The absence of a father means the absence of a father figure, and therefore a source of authority. He goes from being a terrible poet to a pretty good one. No farmer he, The poet comes With virile seed And furrowed brow. Mary Mungummory is a sage of the world, and boy does she know whats going on in the world.


El recuerdo es el hilo que ensarta los abalorios, constituyendo el collar; o como el hilo de Ariadna, del cual hizo entrega el ingrato Teseo: In the idiom of that time, a sot-weed factor is a tobacco dealer. Would this be a good place to start with Barth? Lists with This Book. I am hard pressed to decide what to like most about it, but I would choose the characters, and it has a slew of amazing characters.

It needs no hull beneath it, then, no ocean even. Moreover, this Clio was already a scarred and crafty trollop faactor the Author found her; it wants a nice-honed uohn, with her sort, to separate seducer from seduced.

In sooth I mun allow that this be no pap for pups bare past the age of pissing their own nest. That Satan thing, supra. Giant scientific leaps forward like Pasteur’s barht to inject health and medicine into the lives of everyday people. The court is about to find in favour of Spurdance, but an outraged Jhn insists that the court punish Spurdance by signing the rights to Spurdance’s land over to Smith.


Now Ebenezer Cooke’s servant, Bertrand, an unreliable rogue, is a little distance behind him ‘watching with undisguised avidity. We would like to apologise for this misunderstanding and reassure the reader The Sot-Weed Factor can be read exclusively on its own merits, factro merely as a false comparison point with a lesser novel published in by Sorrentino entitled Blue Pastoral.

View all 19 comments. Five days after checking him into Mayo, Mrs. The American history esp. What poets do Does attract her.

A Chiefest Pleasure: Discovering The Sot-Weed Factor on its 50th Birthday

I already owned it. Ebenezer is allowed to read a journal that gives a further account of the adventures of John Smith and Henry Burlingame I. It is, instead, an historical farce, and so perforce more honest. She thought I thought they were obscene and that’s why I disliked them. Innocence is like youth, which is given us only to expend and takes its very meaning from its loss.

Maybe it was just bwrth. That’s really what someone looking to join such a study wants to hear, right?

It throws one on his own resources, that freedom – makes every man an orphan like myself and can as well demoralise as elevate.