TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE Create a personal breakthrough, master smarter goal setting and claim the life of purpose you want to live today and every day. A Note From Jinny Ditzler. Welcome to Best Year Yet® where even your most impossible dreams can come true year after year after year! How can I make such . In Your Best Year Yet by Jinny Ditzler, she provides 10 tough questions for you to ask to ask yourself while planning so you have your very best.

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As the jjnny year of nears its end and I’m feeling physically almost well again, I wanted a boost to propel me to the end of the year and keep me flying I’ll be happy with hurtling along in I used this book to create my plan for this year.

Your Best Year Yet!: Ten Questions for Making the Next Twelve Months Your Most Successful Ever

I like books that challenge me to take a good look into myself and discover things I am not usually aware of. Look at both your accomplishments and your disappointments and try to determine what you did right and what you did wrong. Her 10 questions can really lead you down the rabbit hole and it is no joke when you are advise close yourself off in a room by yourself so that you jknny can reflect and acknowledge the you at that time. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

It can keep you focused and believe it or not even if you are not religiously sticking to the suggestions of how to manage your goals you will find you still jinnt them in some small way. And they’re the right kind of smart questions that open up your thinking and help with problem-solving. By the way, I loved the back story of Jinny Ditzler and her husband Tim — two Americans in England long-term — folks after my own heart.


Well, of course, it won’t work out of nothing.

Your Best Year Yet! Summary – Jinny Ditzler | PDF & Audiobook

I do think this is a great book and it fills a real need. These values will help you figure out what drives you. I used it for first time few yead ago, and was really impressed with the results. Your Best Year Yet!: These straightforward, life-changing practical steps will help you make this year — and every year — the best year of your life as you achieve: Helps you focus on what you value and getting your life prioritized in a way that makes you happy.

Essential re-reading every December! You need to identify them, to let them go.

BEST YEAR YET – Official Site for Best Year Yet Worldwide, LLC

I liked the book’s approach of looking at the various roles we have in our life and how they yeg to our values. The process that Ditzler designed and uses is excellent.

It helps you concentrate more on the result you want to achieve at the end of the year rather than writing a regular TO DO list. So I guess that’s not a bad result.

Have a go, discover what lies inside of you. Lastly, you will know your top ten goals which will lead you to the better, future version of your current reality.

Pat yourself, applaud for tear you have already achieved. Quotes from Your Best Year Ye Lists with This Book. Discipline yourself, stop postponing and procrastinating and make the time you spend on bestt goals a priority. I have “done” yte book a couple of times and, although I have never finished a full year of working on my goals in the YBYY way, I have found that some goals work their way into my lifestyle and sometimes just “seem to happen” later.


As the current year ends, you probably promise yourself that the next year is going to be the best year of your life. Yet, I like the author’s straightforward style And it was helpful that it took a reasonable amount of reflection and answering of questions far more than 10 when you include all the sub-questions under each of those main chapter-heading questions to get to that final summary.

She and her husband developed it th Bar none, the best tool I’ve found for bes goals and mapping out plans to turn them into reality.

First, think about what you have accomplished in the past year. Having said that, I follow a different goal setting system now. It was as if, by focussing on the written YBYY goals, other things in my life weren’t as dutzler and if I didn’t achieve my yar and monthly targets I was failing as a person. I found nothing new here that I hadn’t read before; which is not to say its not a useful book, but definitely for me, a re-hash of stuff I’ve already read. So, what could you do?

Because of the straightforwardness of this book, we recommend it primarily for beginners in the self-help genre, who are motivated to improve their lives. She promises that in three hours, by answering just ten questions, dizler will discover the basis for the best year yet.