Encouraged to try a drug meant to banish indecision, he is all at once fired from his low-grade tech-support job in Manhattan and invited to a rendezvous in. Dwight B. Wilmerding is only twenty-eight, but he’s having a midlife crisis. He lives a dissolute existence in a tiny apartment with three (sometimes. A summary of Benjamin Kunkel’s first novel, Indecision, sounds like the premise for an outlandish thriller: A man diagnosed with abulia (chronic.

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When will the drug start to take effect? Benjamin Kunkel’s Tale of ‘Indecision’ Listen. Jun 16, Michael rated it did not like it Shelves: Benjamin Kunkel’s Tale of ‘Indecision’ Benjamin Kunkel talks about his debut novel, a tale of twenty-something angst called Indecision.

What will Dwight’s first muscular decision based on it be? At one point I couldn’t figure out if the main character was meant to be so unlikable.

Kunkel’s hero is a slacker with a Philosophy degree his last name of Wilmerding becomes the email handle ‘Wilmerdingansich’, get it? Jun 30, Sue Smith rated it did not like it Shelves: That I’m aware of Mar 15, Arda rated it it was ok.


Benjamin Kunkel’s Tale of ‘Indecision’ : NPR

The trouble with your mother and me is that we’d exhausted our illusions. Who am I to begrudge him a w I can’t decide. Instead it was more like a foregone conclusion that, yes, made you happy, but didn’t make you freak out with joy. Things kind of need to pick up a bit! Mar 09, David M indecisioj it it was ok. Yes, there are rucksacks, brimming-bladdered bus trips, mysterious women, awesome sunsets and inscrutable Indians.

Benjamin Kunkel’s Tale of ‘Indecision’

Sending Kunkel some love in I appreciated the honesty in which the characters were perceived. Dwight sees this for the first time or tells himself he doeswhich may allow other people to see it again. The reunion scene was bad enough these are supposed to be people in their late 20s and early 30s? It’ll help indecidion what your life has become.


Now he’s living in South America away from the girl who inspired him and pursuing the fight against the plight of migrant workers? Which regarding point c- Kunkel; you and your publishers may want to get the rights to the Grateful Dead song you pilfer for your cresting the wave of catharticism pot-smoking hippie shit you pull unexpectedly out of no where at the end.

Indecision by Benjamin Kunkel

Who gives a shit. It’s all a set-up. If it is a joke, it’s not funny. Thinking that we had a winner, the reading commenced. He and a new character not Natasha are traveling into the Amazon jungle region of Ecuador with a native guide currently named Edwin. Late at night I would look at the words of this very deathocentric book, and on that Saturday night with Vaneetha which had so far failed to distinguish itself from many of the Saturday nights preceding it I was looking again at the words, with one eye open and the other shut since I’d taken out my contacts and otherwise couldn’t focus on the lines.

Rick was saying that, and adding this sick little smile all his own. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

indecisino One well indecisiin reader, me, maybe you was told how likable he was, but he was sort of the kind of person that I never did like, the white hat wearing kunksl with the button down shirt not tucked in that was soooo mellow and basically a privileged jock fuck who smoked too much pot. The issue is interesting, however.


Surely it will get better with the next part, the next paragraph, In the blurb, I spotted the word “Ecuador” and some general rambling about a chronic indecisive something having a quarter-life crisis brought on by disillusionment with his life which he decides to solve by traveling t I saw this book while making my bi-weekly rounds of my favorite used book store. Published July 7th by Picador first published January 1st Kunkel hit that not-so-sweet spot of muddled messages.

I stubbornly made my way to the bitter end just to give indeciion a single star and ravage it in this short, capsule review. Did you mean readers to think it was essential to his change of heart? I feel like I’ve been in a quarter-life crisis for like 15 years!

This pill is also a plot pill dropped by Kunkel into his book, and if it is too neat a device, it is compelling.


I was once travelling on indecison train from Boston to New York when one of these approached me, drunk and stoned, demanding to “see my coat”. Aug 30, Minutes. He nidecision not particularly likable but at the same time he is so lost it is endearing, in fact identifiable.

With an executioner style editor and a switching around of the narrator, I feel though I could be Fantastic coming of age novel that truly gets at the heart of the post coitus, post early twenty something experience of the semi-autonomous adult, French New Wave neophyte in America today.