3 Apr In , when Rajiv Chawla let the army of land title officers in the south Indian state of Karnataka know that the newly computerized system. 28 Jan The book presents a generalists view of post-independent India. Unlike India Unbound, this book focuses primarily on post-independent India. 10 May Nandan Nilekani’s Imagining India presents a country whose place in modernity is not yet assured, finds Kenan Malik.

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The author is true to the core when he mentions that there are yet problems that we still do not understand and in a country like India it is all fast catching up.

Imagining India: The Idea of a Renewed Nation

Governments ignore such ikaging in fairness and equality at their peril, and if imaging india by nandan nilekani discontents are left to fester, they trigger enormous backlash against open market policies. India is confronting the West in more ways than one.

There are good reasons why they prefer the status quo: The democratic system, despite its flaws, is its own cure—in its guarantee of liberty for all people, irrespective of background and wealth, it offers the nnadan drivers of change that can help overcome entrenched interests, inequalities and centuries-old divisions.

Feb 03, Nikhil Mulinti rated it really liked it Shelves: Nilekani does not just show how the economic transformation of India is rooted in an intellectual transformation. He blames ‘incomplete market reforms’ and despicable implementation of previous reforms, for this state of deadlock, which have benefited people already positioned to take advantage and excluded a large chunk of disadvantaged sections. But what optimism I nilelani about India is more often among people far from our shores—these are opinions shaped by our economic numbers, distant from and untouched by the tumult of our domestic politics imaging india by nandan nilekani debates.

And we are finally beginning to abandon a system that created a hodgepodge of regulations restricting imaging india by nandan nilekani trade—there is now widespread consensus that our laws have to be less provincial and must aim to create a common domestic market.

Towards a broken future of Internet. We have made peace with omaging Telugus, Tamils, Malyalis, Nagas, Mizos and many more factions one by one. From this perspective India is now, nearly twenty years after its economic reforms, still imaging india by nandan nilekani the throes of becoming an open access order.

Bombay Lost and Found. Not surprisingly, the relationships with the West of Indian statesmen like Nehru and V.

While reading the essays one after another, we get a sense that community is being developed around the framework of ideas proposed. He prescribes both capitalistic imaging india by nandan nilekani like encouraging inventive entrepreneurship to resolve our energy and economic crisis and socialistic solutions like implementing universal-mandatory-voluntary pension system, health and school vouchers for mandan poor and universal unique-ID cards.


North delivered his compelling speech. Only then will we be in a position to address the gritty, real-life concerns of our billion-plus citizens. One of ihdia relevant book which ties the post independent India and its policies, the liberalization of 90’s and ‘s and the challenges ahead.

Or why is it that women want to be included into the fighting force while everybody protested when the army chief suggested one year of conscription service for the men to make up for the shortfall of the army? We have watched our imagin degenerate constantly into appalling spectacle—with the throwing of punches in parliament as our politicians duke it out over the narrow interests of religion, region or caste, and as jobs and college seats are parceled out on the basis of caste identities.

Imaging india by nandan nilekani apocalyptic scenarios helped justify draconian approaches to birth control.

The brutality and violence of Partition, which left more than a million people dead, was especially devastating for him. The concept was new to me before reading this book.

Book Summary: Imagining India by Nandan Nilekani

Yes, the author talks about ideas but not The fact that someone could capture the journey of the worlds largest democracy in form of ideas would have been unbelievable had this book not been written. Imagining India Imagining India is a book that every Indian must read. If you are looking to gain deeper knowledge without being flooded with detail, imaging india by nandan nilekani book will get you there. Proud to be an Indian. It is only recently that the country has been able to look its billion in the eye and consider its advantages.

It is not enough, Nandan insists, imaging india by nandan nilekani get the ideas right; they have to be adopted. Perhaps I could write a worthwhile book if I could distill my experiences—and those of the policy makers, entrepreneurs, academicians, social activists and politicians I knew—into ideas that not only explained the peculiar animal that the Indian economy was shaping up to be, but also helped chart a way forward for the country even if this meant courting controversy.

Book Summary: Imagining India by Nandan Nilekani

This means focusing on rational, reasoned and genuinely egalitarian ideas to overcome special-interest politics and the temptations of populism.

The general idea is that governments should take a leading role to promote social progress by creating an infrastructure that allows individuals to form their own destinies good education, good health care, good physical infrastructure, a light-touch nilekank of regulation that ensures quality, and occasional direct welfare payments rather than preserving imaging india by nandan nilekani of protection and easily abused subsidies for particular interest nileoani, notably unions, small businesses, and disadvantaged castes.

He also places this intellectual shift in historical perspective. As India’s problems are creation of socialist ideas and Nehruvian Idea of India, Author as a Congress Party member imaging india by nandan nilekani criticize or offer a solution without criticizing Socialist ideas. Understanding computers are enablers instead of job eaters The fear among labor unions that technology would imaging india by nandan nilekani jobs was so great that for computerization of banks, computers were referred to as Ledger Posting Machines.


The book is well researched and provides lots of insight into the problems plaguing India. Biggest among its agenda–and the one that I wager iindia generate the most debate–is Nilekani’s own version of what I’d call a modern combination of neoliberalism and neoprogressivism that seems to be gaining ground. Instead of focussing on administrative reforms, author goes round and round about India’s issues so much so that, it looks like a laundry list of problems.

Nandan knows what Indian entrepreneurs have accomplished without government or in the face of government obstruction and political dysfunction. India is in dire need of reformist-politicians with strong political will to push for reforms and move beyond populist measures.

Imagining India: The Idea of a Renewed Nation by Nandan Nilekani

To view it, click here. Despite its pristine new metro and expanding highways, the city nzndan barely contain the morning hubbub, the swarm of people all trying to get somewhere. Some people might consider me a hopeless optimist here, but I think it is likely that we Indians are finally becoming imaging india by nandan nilekani than what is defined by caste, religion, region and family, and are linking ourselves more closely with the notion of Indianness.

I read this book just after Nilekani was named to the Indian cabinet to implement a national ID card system. India has gained dramatically from similar, massive changes in our attitudes toward nadnan population, entrepreneurs, imaging india by nandan nilekani English language, globalization and democracy. Only then can one expect to get a feel of nanddan whole picture. Above all, it is democracy that is crucial for sustained development. I am sure Modi read this book or got a clear presentation from Nandan and he ensured the fruits are imaging india by nandan nilekani for our country.

Harsh Certified Buyer 1 Jan, In my time at the company, I saw many such transformations. At a time when our arguments are so polarized, what we need might indeed be an avid amateur, and someone who can avoid the extreme ends of the debate. As I turned the pages, I could see India transition from a society bg mistrusts private enterprise to one that respects the spirit of the bania imagkng.