These are the novel illustrations that were included in volume 8. Cover. Hidan no Aria Volume 8 Aria08 jpg. Aria08 jpg. Hidan no Aria where he met the Butei high “Assault” department elite, Aria H. Kanzaki. Alternative Names. 緋弾のアリア; Aria the Scarlet Ammo Volume Chapter Epilogue. Epilogue: Go For The NEXT!! The Spiral Sky Tree -Tornado High-. “C-Could you be a ”Cross-dressing Student” ” Stunned, I blurted out.

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Sectioning peoples’ clothing and memorising them: Aria’s mother, Kanzaki Kanae-san Do it while looking into my eyes When Riko gets thrown into the frey, the three man team who beat Vlad must pull out all the stops to overpower this foe.

Don’t ask about something that you don’t even need to ask about. With N gunning for his head, being caught unarmed is a gamble he can’t afford to take. It seems like I’m being drawn into this and that, and because of that I don’t know when and who will attack. Hldan I, in that state, and Jeanne, the bat-girl, Hilda, raised her voice while spinning her parasol.

I’ll forgive you for that.

Completely changed from her calm demeanor of earlier, constricting the witch’s neck and shouting, Meiya That stuff we salvaged make really good materials. Probablywhich is to say—she was properly wearing light makeup, and because, added to the fact that she was a sexy, beautiful woman I, who stood there shocked at the depths of horror in which Aria’s luck resided, also — unintentionally; really, unintentionally — thought about an elementary school student with sharp eyes, sucking on a lollipop and carrying a red backpack—.

She’s apparently responsible for the loan he received during his struggle with Ranpan, and now she seeks a form of repayment from him. Also, it’s because this is an act of hatred towards those which were father’s enemies. For Kinji this is personal, for not only did they injure his younger brother, but Ranpan also holds one of the seven Karagane shells needed to save Aria’s future.


Just now, didn’t you say Hotogi? Returning from his odd living arrangement with Nemo, Kinji is reunited with the girls of Team Baskerville and tasked by Public Division 0 with investigating the all girls school, the Agnes Institute. When I wake up tomorrow, it’d be this morning We are not clear as to the numbers of every organization, but at least, of hidxn plus people that are, this will end without half of those here becoming enemies.

A female teacher—Shirayuki, wearing a white blouse with a tight thigh-length dark navy skirt, said. For an instant I felt Shirayuki glare with eyes like blades, so I glanced at her, but She was obeying the notice from Masters which said: I thank everyone for their participation, and I pray for your fortune in batt And blushing even further, she fountained steam from her afia with a ‘Choo Choo’, and runaway locomotive Number-Aria—.

Volume 24 – Reunion Alumni Association | Hidan no Aria Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The war with the Vatican I’ve been waiting for! With Shirayuki’s help, the man who can make the impossible, possible, aims to defuse this threat without killing their friend.

Because of Vlad and Sherlock, I was confident that I would not be surprised even if I was told yidan old by that childish-looking girl, but But things take an odd aris when senior Ranpan member Seigen Shokatsu approaches him and the girls of Baskerville for negotiations at Ranpan Castle. Turning towards that noise, which sounded like a power short, there was Tamamo, who was in the midst of catching one of the balls of light with the handle of her Gohei.

It’d be nice if Ara was a lone, but when with a girl You drew this yourself, so resign yourself to it. Riko makes a deal with the duo, promising to testify for Aria’s mom if they infiltrate the mansion and reclaim her treasure. With her knowledge and deductive capability, she could be a valuable ally. They want to speak, but they can’t.


Hidan no Aria

Thinking that, I felt myself settle into a slightly sentimental mood. Around her body, something that appeared to be a haze of scarlet light was seeping out of her.

Her short body wrapped in pitch black velvet, she was wearing a black peaked hat, and even a large raven was politely perching on her shoulder. Hohohoplacing her crimson-manicured fingers in her mouth, the bat-girl laughed, her rolled up golden twin-tails shaking—her name is Hilda, huh?

Erasing the expression on her face completely, she closed her beautiful eyes with those thick eyelashes. Probably, that meant that that was until the “Method Bond” which Tamamo had spoken of was completed.

That deep, penetrating voice was that of the beautiful man in the trench-coat, deepest in the midst. A manga adaptation by Yoshino Koyoka started serialization in the seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive on September 26, Rather than that, what have you been saying up till just now! Like pulling out a fuse, Rustle Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. To guard against the possibility of any holes, I had done a week of image training of the Aria as a schoolgirl, and also practiced resisting laughter, but if I saw the squirming Aria any more, I’d burst out laughing, so—.

Because there were people who were already wearing their almost-finished costumes, it had the feeling of a costume party of sorts. If I’m showed that, there’s the horror that I’ll go into Hysteria, and the Ristorante Masque will devolve into chaos.