The Will to Change by bell hooks Remaking Manhood by Mark Greene Angry White Men by Michael S. Kimmel The Macho Paradox by Jackson Katz Getting Off. One of the most eminent scholars and writers on men and masculinity and the author of the critically acclaimed Manhood in America turns his attention to the. Using a combination of interviews, anecdotes, and socio-historical insight, Michael Kimmel’s Guyland offers a detailed analysis of the prevailing social.

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Therein lies my primary discontent with Guyland.

On the other hand, Kimmel’s scholarship is terrible, and halfway through the book I decided I didn’t trust most of what he said. While it’s easy to be dismissive of that “I’ve never been at a party where a bunch of bros gang-raped somebody,” I also think it serves as an apt subject matter because frat culture contains the most highly-concentrated “guy”-ness.

They work entry-level jobs but act aimless. Please enable Javascript to use Kanopy! It is also interesting reading this looking back and seeing areas he thought would expand rapidly and didn’t namely Second Lifeand also areas he thought would expand and have. Kimmel makes it sound like these misguided youth generate spontaneously from passive factors like “the economy” and “peers” and “macho” but this just makes the book all the more depressing.

Reviewing books like Guyland is challenging because one has to not only analyze their claims, but also the context in which they are written in light of current cultural attitudes surrounding young men. The author’s goal is to explain the bro culture that young men find themselves immersed in from roughly ageswith lingering effects afterward. Even more dismaying, when you read the notes, you realize there’s even more of this going on than you thought, because some he only attributes back there in the fine print.

He mentions in passing that communities and women have to help these guys by changing the perception of what manhood and masculinity is. Given that, it could not be more crucial that we understand that culture. Kimmel offers a highly practical guide to male youth.

No one acts particularly interested in committed relationships, though many men interviewed assume they will one day marry and have children.

Book Review: “Guyland: The perilous world where boys become men” by Michael Kimmel

However, unlike a scientist, Kimmel speculates, then seeks confirmation. Beyond the issues arising from the narrow demographic Guyland presents, I This book probably deserves a higher rating than I’m guhland it, but since it fell so short of my expectations I can’t bring myself to rate it any higher.


Or is he basing this off his interviewees who somehow all know the same handful of predators? I doubt that will win him many supporters. But because some were so awful that I was becoming paranoid of walking down the damn street! Throughout the book, Kimmel examines the rites of passage through which tuyland achieve kimmrl from their peer group.

I know we can be out of touch. The critique of Guyland includes a laundry list of offensive behaviors and attitudes. I also just wonder how much of this has changed – namely due to the huge culture guyladn around LGBTQ people. Beyond the issues arising from the narrow demographic Guyland presents, I also found the treatment of extended adolescence the so-called ‘guyland’ emerging between childhood and adulthood to be needlessly gendered and simplistic.

Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men

Set up a giveaway. I message I took from this book is that “guys” are overwhelmingly white. This was a point I never felt he explicated well, just assuming the entitlement was purely based on their manhood.

Approaching this book with an open mind, as suggested by other reviews here on Amazon, does not mean that the science and data behind the book are above scrutiny.

But most guys know other guys who are chronic substance abusers, who have sexually assaulted their classmates 6. Project Guland promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Guyland – Wikipedia

Wellll, there were a bunch. In large part, it reads, as others have commented, as a removed anthropological study that is aggravating and shows Kimmel’s own biases and the generational gap with which he is gyuland. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. They socialize and live in packs, even after college.

I also wish he had spent a bit more time summing up how we might begin to change these attitudes and specifically this sense of entitlement the “guys” have.

Open Preview See a Problem? It is a scary place to be. The contradictions continue throughout the entire book, as entitled young men voice to Kimmel their desires without introspection about how to reach them.

But after taking a short break and coming back to the material I remembered the following: Being the demographic about whom Kimmel is writing except not heterosexualI felt I needed to read this. Does Kimmel ever give a nod of recognition to young men who take their studies seriously and compare their future social influence to that of Guyland?


But seriously, sentences like this: Given my experience in social activism and my readings in both epistemology and political science, Guyland is only a pertinent text without the necessary gravity to live beyond the ideological forces that merely wish it’s truth into being.

I also tired of his rhetorical tic of “a friend confided in me. Guyland should come with a warning for those who have lived — personally or indirectly — through the trauma that can go hand in hand with a violent male culture: Nov 16, Jack Donovan rated it it was ok Shelves: But the question is–what to do about him?

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem said that “Michael Kimmel’s Guyland could save the humanity of many young men — and the sanity of their friends and parents. He paints guylanc fairly accurate picture of what is wrong with males on and around college campuses I started to wonder, on the other hand, if Kimmel had ever met a person who WASN’T in college or working for one but since nobody can be blamed, it just kinda happens, there’s apparently nothing to be done but be depressed.

But some of the quotes from guys he uses throughout the book – oh man, it almost caused me to stop reading. If the adage is a girl learns how to be treated by her father, how is a boy supposed to learn how to treat a woman if he doesn’t learn that respect from his mother? The culture of “Guyland” is driven mostly by white, middle class, straight guys. A rehash of arguments from Manhood in America and The Gendered Society dumbed-down and cuted-up to a “this’d better get me on the Today Show level.

Guylajd need to be made aware of media that doesn’t show male adulthood as choice between “bros before hos” or being a dim-witted husband in a sexless marriage.