There are basically two types of grasscutter farming cage; they are: • The open pen • The Closed pen. A male grasscutter is sexually matured at 8 months. Many people want to know how to start a grasscutter / cane rat farming business. However, before going into the details about starting a profitable grasscutter. There is no need of any specialized skill to begin if you are wondering how to start grasscutter farming in Ghana. Many people are switching to eating white meat.

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I am really interested. We sell livestock and Doc birds and turkey foreign and local at an affordable price.

Grasscutter farming can make you at least N3million per year if you take it serious. How do I start?


But I think you should have a training school where people can come and learn this trade for a fee. This is one of the distinct vrasscutter of Agriculture. What a wonderful opportunity!

After about weeks of mating, insert the cotton bud inside the genital vagina of the female grasscutter. Where I Lagos can I buy grasscutter for breeding. Animal should gearing fed with balanced ration daily; grasscutter feeds are mainly green forage but it can be supplemented with concentrate, high in energy, protein and minerals. Please is it possible and safe health wise to have a chicken pen and a grass cutter pen on the same farm.

And what type of concentrate do I give the grasscutter. Advantages and Disadvantages Accredited Universities in Nigeria: Pls I what to invest in this? The house must be well ventilated.

Weaning is the separation of the mother from its younger ones or offspring, this is necessary because the mother will grow weak as a result of the prolonged feeding of its offsprings. Akpabuyo, Thank you for showing appreciation. Apply powered antibiotics and inject long acting antibiotics.


Grasscutter rearing in Accra, Ghana: a novel way to ensure food security in the inner city

Ajayi Taofeek O Grasscuter 5, Harmony Adaeze December 17, They are easy to manage and grow faster under intensive system with the production of quality protein. Entrepreneurship training in Nigeria: I learnt enough today through your post.

This is what the body needs to serve us better. These are easy to make; all that is needed is to make a mould out of wood or other scrap material.

How the poor can invest in grasscutter farming – Punch Newspapers

What are the reaeing Pls enlighten me if it is possible to start the grasscuter business behind my house where I still have little space in the compound and or with a room apartment in the house. Excluding structures, what is the minimum start up capital for two colonies?.

Commercial Snail Farming in Ghana.

Grasscutter farming has become a thriving business from merely a hobby for many in Accra, capital city of Ghana. To curb this condition, check the feed quality; also check the housing for dampness and cold, because these might be the reason behind the rough fur. By George N Joshua – on October 31, well it better be someone you trust, you know bitcoin these days fluctuates please be careful.

It is a special white and healthy meat, unlike beef that is red. The grasscutter meat is indeed very popular in Africa and especially in Nigeria; thanks to grasscutter farmers who are trying their best to make this meat readily available to buyers and consumers.

During the mating session, make sure the male is heavier than the female. These young animals suckle for 49 days before weaning. To run a successful animal production business, the animals have to be in good condition with the support of a proper management practice.

How to Start Grasscutter Farming in Ghana

Feeding is very important in livestock production; the nature of the feed your farm animals eat the grazscutter and improved their productivity. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


After mating, pregnancy is expected. A female grasscutter is sexually matured at 26 week with a minimum body weight of 1. Also, careful observation of the animal is another form of inspection that helps to detect change in the physiology of the grasscutter.

Darlinton Omeh February 23, For the cages, you need to use wire mesh on the sides as the rodents can chew up all other organic options.

By the time the training period is concluded, all the essential areas including pen designed and construction would have been covered. Moses Bassey July 27, As a means to an end, I implore our youths and the unemployed to explore agriculture as a business and an industry. In livestock production, feeding is key. Grasscutterr name is Timothy. Such number will bring you nothing less than N5 Million when they are matured for marketing.

Ekom Nathan November 29, How can I get a colony and how much is a colony Log in to Reply. Please, graasscutter may I use this medium to inform us that some of the people who said they are into colony delivering are NERS some one I paid into his account to supply me with turkey and grass cutter till today eluded with my money. Grateful let me have contact of farms from whic I can source stock to start. More grease to your elbow.

Grasscutter farming is gaining popularity in Africa for good reasons. It does not have high cholesterol; in most cases, doctors recommend it grascutter people who have heart conditions, and the demand is high.