GOSSEN. GOSSEN. Erlangen. Attachment for. LUNASIX 3. Printed in Germany. e microphotographs. (The following instructions assume that you are. Here are all the pages of the operating manual for the Gossen Lunasix 3 photographic light meter. Lunasix light meters are also labelled Luna-Pro in some parts. You have an older device from GOSSEN? Here you can find the corresponding operating instructions for previous devices in the field of LUNASIX.

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If there are extensive very bright or very dark areas in the scene, steer the Lunassix 3 away from them and take the measurement from the “average” parts of the scene. More about this on page And I supposed it came from not properly set to zero.

Hi, Pete Many thanks for your advice and help. The Gossen TRI-LUX is an indispensable accessory for the motion picture and TV studio, lighting engineer, and wherever critical measurement of incident light gossne required.

With variations in illumination and exposure time, the effective sensitivity also varies, a phenomenon which is called the “reciprocity effect”. Mallory PX 13 mercury batteries are available at most camera shops. Back to main camera manual page Click here for a PDF version donated to me Click here for the supplement booklet. If you make several exposures of the same scene or subject with various exposure times, you will almost never get complete agreement among different judges as to which negative or which slide received “perfect” exposure!

Otherwise, fresh batteries must be used. Where to get the users instruction manual for Gossen Lunasix? Flash metering was incorporated, however sensitivity was reduced compared to the Profisix as was the range of accessories Profisix accessories will not fit the Lunasix F.

Reflected Light Measurement, see also pages 3 and 5. The LUNASIX 3 now gives you complete exposure information in combinations off-stops and exposure times 2 and 1EV settings 18 or frames per second for gosaen picture cameras 3.

Increasing or decreasing the ASA Degree by 1 is equivalent to one stop. It enables you, linasix means of instant-lock-on attachments, to refine your measuring tech niques not only in your camera work on location and in the studio, but in enlarging or in photomicrography and photography through terrestrial telescopes. The Gossen Profisix in US Luna-Pro sbc is a professional “system” exposure meter that can be fitted with a range of electrically connected accessories offering additional measurement facilities, including flash, enlarger metering, and msnual temperature.


But – each time make a series of 5 exposures; in addition to the one at the indicated exposure time, make one each at a full step and one-half step more and less than indicated by your LUNASIX 3. Thus, under identical illumination, the indicator needle will be deflected less by dark objects than by bright ones.

This method is called: Butkus, 29 Lake Ave. When I kept turning the zero screw clockwise, ulnasix needle swinged to the left, then it swing back to the right. In incident light measurement – from the subject towards the camera – the LUNASIX 3 measures all the light falling on that part of the subject which faces the camera.

The main meter scale is also marked for over gissen under exposure. About “exposure steps” see page Photographic subjects are usually three-dimensional and they are illuminated from many different directions sun, sky, reflections from buildings, trees, ground, etc.

It converts instantly, and without accessories, from reflected to incident light measurement – and you’ll find its one-hand operation even with a glove on a great boon when moments count on location, or in the studio. The brightest portions of a colour transparency, the darkest portions of a black-and-white print, should still show some detail! Index cover page page foldout page page contents, page 1 page page page page page page page page 32 page page page page Micro attachment The Lunasix meter can be used for photo-microscopy, by using the accessory Micro Attachment to fit the meter to a microscope.

Gossen Lunasix Instruction Manuals

The dial has three separate rings:. The resultant reading, therefore, depends not only on the intensity of the illumination, but also on the colour and brightness of lunassix objects themselves. I took out the battery, press the range selector forward or backward, then I turn the zero adjustment screw on the backside of Lunasix while holding down the range selector. Reciprocity Effect Film manufacturers base the “speed ratings” of photographic emulsions on average conditions mahual exposure times and illumination under which such emulsions are “normally” intended to be used.


In spite of its manua, it is not related to the Lunasix at all, but does share the same range of clip on accessories. For the amateur, especially the beginner, the over-all impression is usually decisive.

Measuring comparisions of your LUNASIX 3 with similar or other types of exposure meters goasen be made properly without special laboratory equipment optical bench. Pointer needle with mechanical computer Sensor: After inserting fresh batteries, immediately make the battery test described above.

Gossen Lunasix3 System exposure meter user manual, instruction booklet

As an alternative to buying the Gossen adapter, ,anual Fox has made a web page with instructions for adjusting the meter to work with silver-oxide cells. This page has been accessed 15, times.

The Lunasix and Luna-pro meters are designed to use a pair of mercury cells. Increasing or decreasing the EV number by 1 is equivalent to one stop. Otherwise, determine by how much you need to increase or decrease future exposure readings to get the best results. This page was last modified on 26 Novemberat This camera manual library is for reference and historical purposes, all rights reserved. I recently download a instruction manual for Lunasix 3 from http: Profisix, Lunasix F, Lunalite Type: In spite of mechanical display and “computer” dial, these meters are electronic as circuitry to store the light reading is necessary for flash measurement.

If the scene includes a large very bright area – far from the “average” that the LUNASIX 3 would normally calculate with – it will indicate a shorter exposure time than it would for a large very dark area. Ask your dealer for a demonstration!

During the battery test, the indicator needle 14 should point to the red check mark The green and red ring indexes apply only for measurements with the Variable Angle “spot meter” attachment. If the light is so poor that you cannot observe the movement of the needle, simply hold down the selector for several seconds.