The GANA Glazing Manual is recognized as the definitive source in the glass and glazing field. This manual includes complete information about primary and. GANA Glazing Manual – 50th Anniversary Edition. Handbook / Manual / Guide by Glass Association of North America, 11/01/ View all product details. Our Glazing Manual is the industry bible on good glazing Erection and Glazing Hours Manual, the Sealant Manual and our Labor Manual. Additionally, the.

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Manual sections include causes of sealant failures, structural glazing and glazing accessories. This standard defines requirements for 5 classes of windows and gana glazing manual doors: A consequence of this trend was a corresponding increase in the use of tempered and heat-strengthened glass in order to meet both thermal and windload design requirements.

Test Methods of Insulating Glass Sealants IGMA TM 90 This manual covers types of sealants, application test methods for sealant type, tables of test conditions gana glazing manual standardize temperature, mixing and volume conditions and specific tests.

As such there has been unprecedented advancement in the types, configurations and complexities of glazing materials currently utilized in architectural applications.

This gana glazing manual video series and companion education tools offer diagrams, detailed photographs, tempering demonstrations and real-world case studies to serve as a guide to both fundamental concepts and troubleshooting tactics.

Sound Control for Fenestration Products AAMA TIR-A1 Gana glazing manual document was prepared for anyone who requires information on what sound is, how it is transmitted, how it is measured and how its transmission can be controlled. If you have questions, please contact gana glasswebsite.

This edition also features the glazong listing of standards amnual to laminated glass. Glass Tempering Education Series. Integrating the power of the combined associations, gana glazing manual will soon be offering a more robust and comprehensive learning experience for glaziers seeking to expand their skills in bidding and estimating.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as gana glazing manual eagerly prepare to launch the Gana glazing manual and Glazing Estimating Essentials. GANA has a library of technical manuals as well as several standards and test method documents. Window and door products are still divided into five classes for rating purposes, while maintaining material neutrality. Typical applications include banks, currency exchanges, police stations, embassies, military installations, prisons, detention centers, government offices, and schools.


Durability requirements include component testing and performance and life cycle testing. The number of window and gpazing performance classes was reduced from five to four by elimination of C and HC and the addition of a new class gana glazing manual as CW.

Updates on laminated glass strength, cutting, handling and installation are highlighted.

Both standards are applicable to safety glazing materials used in architectural applications. More specific information and performance data can be obtained through individual manufacturers that produce decorative glass products. Because of the tremendous increase in the gqna performance of glass and other glazing, the concern over properly identified components of a fenestration assembly has also increased.

As a consequence of the damage inflicted by Hurricane Andrew, more stringent standards gana glazing manual window systems were manuql. Some common fabrication processes include edge seaming, grinding, and polishing; hole drilling gana glazing manual notch cutting; and surface grooving, sand-blasting, and etching.

GANA Glazing Manual

This document is intended to inform building owners, design professionals, and specifiers about emergency ingress and egress considerations when using these products. If there is a possibility for inappropriate lines of sight, the glass will require greater opacity or gana glazing manual to address a gana glazing manual for modesty. This glass information bulletin focuses on the use of glass and glazing as non-structural components installed in buildings in seismic-prone areas. This document discusses why.

The following significant changes have been made: Link to documents page. GANA members should login to access exclusive rates for purchasing online publications.

Included when applicable are performance requirements for structural integrity, water gana glazing manual, air leakage and forced entry. Marking and Labeling of Architectural Laminated Glass GANA LD Modern architectural designs are requiring the installation of glazing materials that are capable of performing in multi-peril situations. The edition includes the latest information on laminating interlayers, as well as in-depth discussions of the applications of laminated architectural glass including: Skylights covered are residential and commercial factory glazed assemblies shipped complete for installation gana glazing manual a roof opening.

Guidelines for IG Manufacturers; Studies of Sealant Compatibility IGMA TB These guidelines address the determination of the compatibility of glazing sealants and glazing materials with the IG unit edge seal for a gana glazing manual building project specification and test methods used. Given its performance vs. Look for this new and improved product, now known as Glass and Glazing Estimating Gana glazing manualto be released by June Although there are other mechanisms of reducing the number of glass shards that enter a facility this document deals with factory fabricated glazing with at least two pieces of glass or plastic glazing bonded together with a high performance polymer interlayer.


Products are divided into five classes for rating purposes. The requirements put into place the following year called for testing of window and door systems and changes to gana glazing manual component—including framing materials, glazing, sealants, weather stripping, hardware and anchors typically necessitated retesting and recertification. Sloped Glazing Guidelines AAMA TIR-A7 These guidelines cover general provisions for design factors, breakage, condensation, loadings, deflection, inspection and testing for skylights and space enclosures titled more than 15 degrees from the vertical plane.

Significant research has been done on gana glazing manual causes of earthquakes; less work has been done on how to keep buildings intact and functioning during these events.

Publications – NGA/GANA

Glazing applications may also specify such gana glazing manual as sound reduction, fade resistance, and solar and thermal control. This standard identifies the requirements for windows, glass doors, skylights and for the first time side-hinged exterior doors. This document discusses various aspects and considerations with bullet resistant glazing. Engineers and architects must follow code requirements for the structural performance of buildings in seismic zones.

The information contained in this paper has been developed using general or typical information on various decorative glass products. This document discusses the many considerations for hurricane product substitution. An option was added whereby a product is permitted to enter Performance Class R by testing of a specimen of an alternative minimum test size smaller than the gateway test size, provided that the minimum performance grade is correspondingly increased.

The use of laminated glazing in residential and commercial installations has led to inquiries by design professionals and specifiers regarding gana glazing manual reaction of public safety officials to these products.

The existing Course will no longer be sold in anticipation of this new release. Gana glazing manual supersedes the previous edition, published in This can be a typical scene during a damaging earthquake.