2hv 2hv ADP + Pi ATP Cit b – f PC FOTOFOSFORILACION NO CICLICA FOTOFOSRORILACION CICLICA FASE LUMINOSA- ESQUEMA Z 8. Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Photophosphorylation during chloroplast development in Red Kidney bean. II. Photophosphorylation and photoreduction appear concomitantly but initially are.

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Son complejos de porfirinas-Mg.

fotofosforilacion ciclica by Julian Andres on Prezi

Home Documents Fisiologia y Nutricion Vegetal. Field symptoms appear different than ideal symptoms. Photophosphorylation and photoreduction appear concomitantly but initially are uncoupled The effects of humidity and cytokinin on growth and water relations of salt-stressed bean plants Clasificacion del frijol comun Phaseolus vulgaris L. Molybdenum has a significant effect on pollen formation, so fruit and grain formation are affected in molybdenum-deficient plants.

Precautions in identifying nutrient stress symptoms include the following: Soil manganese may be cicloca available in dry, well-aerated soils, but can become more available under wet soil conditions when manganese is reduced to the plant-available form.


Copper Copper is necessary for carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism and, inadequate copper results in stunting of plants. No tags from this library for this title. However, seed treatment with molybdenum sources may be more economical than liming in some areas.

Deficiency symptoms of copper are dieback of stems and twigs, yellowing of leaves, stunted growth and pale green leaves that wither easily. Photophosphorylation and photoreduction appear concomitantly but initially are uncoupled.

Tags from this library: For instance, N and S deficiency symptoms can be very alike, depending upon plant growth stage and severity of deficiencies.

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Fisiologia y Nutricion Vegetal – [PDF Document]

For example, corn is typically more sensitive to a Zn deficiency than barley and will show Zn deficiency more clearly Rates of photophosphorylation were comparable to mature levels by l h of development. Zinc is not mobile in plants so zinc- deficiency symptoms occur mainly in new growth. La fila inferior de recuadros, que no estn presentes para tres de los sntomas visuales, enumera los nutrientes que pueden causar sntomas similares cuando ellos estn presentes en cantidades excesivas o txicas.

El dao oxidativo al ADN Iron deficiencies are mainly manifested by yellow leaves due to low levels of chlorophyll. This damage leads to photoinhibition. Experience and knowledge of field history are excellent aids in determining causes for nutrient stress. Borate ions are mobile in soil and can be leached from the root zone.

Fisiologia y Nutricion Vegetal

Nitrogen metabolism, protein synthesis and sulfur metabolism are also affected by molybdenum. No cover image available. Estos dos ltimos mecanismos reducen la cantidad de fluorescencia de la clorofila. Iron deficiencies are found mainly on high pH soils, although some acid, sandy soils low in organic matter also may be iron-deficient. Uptake of iron decreases with increased soil pH, and is adversely affected by high levels of available phosphorus, manganese and zinc in soils.

Activity commenced when rapid synthesis of chlorophyll was initiated. Boron deficiencies are found mainly in acid, sandy soils in regions of high rainfall, and those with low soil organic matter.

Cyclic phosphorylation with phenazine methosulfate and noncyclic phosphorylation and reduction with ferricyanide were detected in isolated chloroplasts from greening bean leaves after 3- 4 h of illumination. Oxgeno activado y agentes que generan radicales libres de oxgeno, tales como las radiaciones ionizantes, inducir lesiones en el ADN que numerosas deleciones, mutaciones causan y otros efectos genticos letales. Las tasas de fotofosforilacion fueron comparables a niveles maduros equivalentes de 15 a 18 horas de desarrollo.


Despues de un periodo de inactividad de 2 a 3 dias, se noto un rapido incremento en el peso fresco de la hoja, en el momento en que el contenido total de clorofila alcanzo valores estables basados en peso fresco.

Conversely, manganese toxicity can result in some acidic, high-manganese soils. Copper also is required for lignin synthesis which is needed for cell wall strength and prevention of wilting. Molybdenu m Molybdenum is involved in enzyme systems relating to nitrogen fixation by bacteria growing symbiotically with legumes.

Increased phosphorus and iron availability in soils decreases copper uptake by plants. Igualdad Tipo de planta C3 o C4? Debajo de estas dos primeras selecciones se encuentran cuatro fotogosforilacin con descripciones de diferentes sntomas visuales que pueden aparecer en plantas de apariencia no saludable. Zinc Zinc is an essential component of various enzyme systems for energy production, protein synthesis, and growth regulation.

Tomando el peso fresco como indice de crecimiento, las hojas primordiales completaron su desarrollo al cabo de 6 a 7 dias de iluminacion. Molybdenum deficiencies are found mainly on acid, sandy soils in humid regions.

Advanced search Browse by author or subject Tag cloud. Research indicates a close correlation between leaf chlorophyll content and leaf N content cicpica much of the leaf N is contained in the chlorophyll. Zinc uptake by plants decreases with increased soil pH.