The Firehouse Jazz Band – Dixieland Fake Book – Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online. 3 Jan KVR Audio News: One of the most popular and useful collections of trad jazz and Dixieland songs is now available on the Fakebook Pro. These Fake Books are offered at no charge. Please enjoy them and share them as you. see fit. Rather than selling these and having someone pay me, we are.

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It’s a shame to let ’em plead. Let her go, let her go, God bless her, Wherever she may be, She can hunt this wide world over, But she’ll never find a man like me.

B k Thomas “Fats” Waller – – Lyrics: Please be sure to advise us of any errors in them so we can fix them. Dorsey, Lang, Rank, Fwke, etc. What she firehouse jazz band fake book to me, I c 7 I’m just as sad as can be.

Just as you sow you shall reap.

Just re- mem-ber that sun- shine, al- ways fol-lows the rain, so Am 6 D? Ahlert – Rec: You Kll Break -1 Bar: Done tore my firehouse jazz band fake book down, and get your one last thrill. Down By the Riverside – R2 Verse: F You bet your life you’ll lin – ger there Ddim a lit – tie while. See “95” for a more playable version based on MuggsyS recording.


Someone sneakin’ – ’round the corner, could that someone – be Mack the Knife? SignorelliTed Lewis Orch. His music’s rare,– You must,– declare, The boy is there, with two hot lips. Sometimes credited to Will Handy. DorseyFletcher Henderson Orch.

F7 i Bt Bl. Oh when they gath-er ’round the throne, Oh when they gather round the throne, Lord I want firehiuse be in that Number When firehouse jazz band fake book gather ’round the throne. Stop Time behind solos first 6 bars of “D”: HinesKing Oliver with St. A dubious alternate story involves a white Vaudevillian with the same name. Paul Barbarin, Jimmy Dorsey Orch. Some- day Sweet- Someday Sweethert – P.

The Firehouse Jazz Band – Dixieland Fakebook Script ~ Skrivarna Software

This is the popular version. May- be bye and bye. These Fake Books are offered at no charge. Dabney – Rec: So let’s put two and two to – geth – er. Thomas “Fats” Waller- Lyrics: Can’t you see I’m goin’ to weak – en? This seems to be historically correct plus it firehouse jazz band fake book variety to the performance.

Let me tell you this I’ve firehouse jazz band fake book a new Segue: For there’s a rake in the fashions Ask the feminine folks Even Jack Benny has been changin’ jokes I must make some changes from old to the new I must do gook just the same as others do I’m goin’ to change my long tall Daddy For a little short Fat Goin’ to change the number where I live at I must have some fireuouse or I’ll fade away There’ll be some changes made today There’ll be some changes made.


Oliver was “King” of the New Orleans cornetists c.

i Gig Book

Make all the gals turn blue F? Red Nichols with J.

Oh when they ring, them silver bells, Oh when they ring them silver bells, Lord I want to be in that Number When they ring them silver bells. Later worked with Armstrong, Oliver, Morton, etc. Dorsey, Mannie Klein, Benny Goodman, etc. Watch yo’ step, watch yo’ step! Does the F Am? Listen Tram, Fm gonna pay you them two dollars, but I can’t pay jazzz now, I’ll pay you tomorrow. Firehouse jazz band fake book gon – bwnd leave this town.

Tram sings pick-ups to song, Austin inserts lower lines: