Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Absalom, Absalom!. It helps middle and high school students understand William Faulkner’s literary. Absalom! Absalom! is William Faulkner’s major work–his most important and ambitious contribution to American literature. In the dramatic texture of this story of. : ¡Absalón, Absalón! / Absalom, Absalom! (Spanish Edition) ( ): William Faulkner, Beatriz Florencia Nelson: Books.

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Compson calls it, why does it command so much mesmerized attention in this novel? I found myself reading chapter after chapter as if Faulkner’s hand was giving me a gentle push to continue. Names are given without introduction.

Absalom, Absalom! Reader’s Guide

Books by William Faulkner. This was a novel that Faulkner struggled with through false starts, interruptions with his work as a screenwriter for Howard Hawks, and the death of his faulknsr brother Dean who died in a plane crash in I can see all Have you ever looked at one of Picasso’s abstract females? Can each one of these co exist on their own? Mechanical invention had not advanced enough to provide the machines that the plantation faulkjer needed to work such a large tract of land.

Absalom, Absalom! by William Faulkner – Reading Guide – : Books

I can’t give this novel any less than five stars. Thomas Sutpen returns from the war and begins to repair his dynasty and his home, whose hundred square miles have been reduced by carpetbaggers and punitive northern action, to one square mile.


Abslaon enraged Wash Jones kills Sutpen, his own granddaughter, Sutpen’s newborn daughter, and finally himself by resisting arrest. But the son he left behind returns to haunt him.

Asalon ask other readers questions about Absalom, Absalom! Anger drove me, and one quote broke my heart: I cannot disagree; when I read it a few years back I was lost for about half the novel, at a time when I didn’t have the time to look up half the words in Webster’s and spend a month reading a page novel. Published January 30th abwalom Vintage first published Stay in Touch Sign up.

The picture above was used on the first edition dust jacket published absqlon by Random House. His childhood was full of them; his very body was an empty hall echoing with sonorous defeated names; he was a being, an entity, he was a commonwealth.

However, as a result of a talk with Henry regarding Bon, Henry repudiates his position as heir to the Sutpen holdings. Around the Year i Why do the various tellers of the story interpret and embroider the tale so differently?

Further, his initial submissions to his publisher were returned to him as being confusing and incapable of being understood. View all 16 comments.

Absalom, Absalom! – Wikipedia

How abszlom each teller affect your response? He meets up with Henry and as the plot advances we find out that Charles Bon is Henry’s half brother.


I’m not sure I do. What secrets do Thomas Sutpen’s house still hold that Rosa Colfield demands that Quentin ride with her to that dark house before he leaves the South to become a student at Harvard? The onion is gradually peeled by the disclosure of events, in a non-chronological order and according to the biases and attitudes of the narrators, such that the reader reconstructs the truth through different narrators. See all 3 questions about Absalom, Absalom! Does Faulkner assume faulknr a strong incestuous component is part of the psychology of every family?

He will never forget the slight. We are experiencing technical difficulties. This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat Fundamentally I guess I am arguing that, when one places this book properly in context including those daulkner, ignored and buried authors I have been spending the year trying to uncover it seems much less radical, much less a work of “genius” towering above the literary landscape of its time.