Faerûn’s Underdark is not a single, contiguous cavern system, and even places on the same level may not connect to each other. The existence of Underdark. The region called the Underdark is an entire world beneath the feet of the surface dwellers of Faerûn. Inhabited by monstrous and evil creatures that shun the. I’m currently running a game of D&D and was wondering (and this might be a stupid question but I can’t find anything on it) how far Faerun is.

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Dwarves, always present on and below the surface, battled the drow and other Underdark rates, losing the entirety of clan Duergar to the mind flayers only to see them emerge generations later as the duergar subrace, imprinted with the cruelty of their psionic masters.

Secret of the Silver Blades. Most of the writing is nonmagical, but significant portions are inscribed with rune magic. Lying hidden underdrk the Orsraun Mountains near Turmish, at a depth of about 2 miles, Drik Hargunen is a forbidding temple city devoted to the worship of Laduguer, the patron of the gray dwarves.

The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Although the Realms were yet to be an official campaign world, the module H1: Unlike other Underdark nations, Iltkazar has many tunnels to the surface, most connecting to old and carefully guarded dwarven ruins.

Xorns that showed restraint by not eating every gem in sight were more or less welcome in Blingdenstone when it was occupied, so nothing about their alignment or appearance generally triggers the spellgems. Surrounded by hostile neighbors, the shield dwarves of Iltkazar control little more underrdark the city itself and its immediate surroundings under the Omlarandin Mountains in Tethyr.

The duergar city of Gracklstugh sits on the southwest shore of the Darklake. Unlike the yawning caverns and meticulously worked architecture of other Underdark communities, the halflings prefer to create small, rounded rooms in rapid succession.

The Tearing of the WeaveShadowdale: Retrieved 7 December Bizarre plants are common, and visitors usually find it impossible to identify which are hostile or poisonous without magic or potentially lethal experimentation. When the illithids wish to parlay with someone, they always leave town to do so, usually conducting their affairs in Underdaro.


Espera CE female earth genasi necromancer 17 despises the living and loves the dead. Archived from the original on June 17, Deepburrow is governed as much as any halfling town is governed by the Willowywalk clan, which founded the town and opened its mines more than four hundred years ago. Hordes of the Underdark, Official Strategy Guide. A history is given for each, and for some of the caerun complex areas, descriptions of important sites udnerdark NPCs are included.

The Underdark

Forgotten Realms locations Fictional continents. The Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide was released the following month, and contains information for players to help create Forgotten Realms characters. This city of illithids is in the lower Underdark, beneath the center of the Shining Plains. Dangerous runes are usually accompanied by warnings to avoid the area or directions on when and how to touch the rune in case of emergency.

The skums have hit upon several veins of rare metal ores near the lake, including a vein of mithral, which they store in the lake and sell for good prices to traveling merchants thanks to their own on-site assayer, Purulk.

No one knows where these kuo-toas come from, but their service is reliable and reasonably priced, and they avoid becoming entangled in events that are not their business. House Teh’Kinrellz plans to rebuild Ched Nasad, and its members do not intend to remain minor players in the new order. The Darklake gets its name from the unnatural darkness of its waters. These poor souls spend most of their time sitting in silence, their minds utterly blank.

Faerûn – Wikipedia

A number of kuo-toas run a ferry service around the Darklake, primarily between Gracklstugh and ports near Menzoberranzan. Gravity on the curves and walls of the city is “localized” at roughly foot intervals by magical batteries shaped like statues of famous Imaskari wizards of antiquity.

Even now that the Great Seal that once isolated their city from the rest of the Underdark has been broken, the deep Imaskari avoid contact with outsiders, dispatching only the most trustworthy and secretive of spies into the outer world after wiping the location of their home city undsrdark their minds.

Considered as a strong trading partner by other cities, Sshamath is well protected by warrior-wizards. Treasures faaerun the Savage Frontier. Pirates of the Fallen Stars.


Also known as the City of Blades, this duergar nation rests in the middle Underdark just south of the Evermoors. Droplets of water roughly 2 inches in diameter swell from the leaves of a mature plant every day and can be carried in a basket like oranges. A few hundred of the town’s hardier souls mostly dwarves and gnomes have made homes out of dry, secure caverns at the bottom of the gorge.

The Underdark is divided into three general levels. A group of lightfoot halflings and gold dwarf spelunkers are now busily engaged in mapping an underground passage between Deepburrow and the Great Rift.

Lying just under the southern foothills of the Earthspur mountains, this shallow goblin warren has only the most tenuous connections to the Underdark. Kuo-toa priests, inquisitors, and those who have proven themselves particularly devout or faithful are allowed to use this pool as a special spawning pool.

Geography of the Underdark

The cloakers rush en masse to attack interlopers and fight with a frenzied wrath not often seen among their kind. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Araumycos unrerdark many other fungal creatures.

Slaves and vermin are considered roughly equal in status, so they are gaerun housed together, to the general detriment of the slaves. Portals that exist both above and below the waterline reputedly lead to various points on the surface.

Dunspeirrin’s long-standing martial tradition was reignited by the return of Deep Duerra’s avatar in the form of Dunspeirrin’s Queen Mother and regent during the Time of Troubles. Many of the leaders are barbarians or warriors. Wizards of the Coast.

About a hundred goblin warrens are scattered throughout the Upperdark, but this one stands out from the rest because it has a strange, veneer of civilization. This plan was derailed more than one hundred years ago when a surprise githyanki attack secretly engineered by the illithilich Aulagol led to the mortal injury of the elder brain.

Oryndoll Metropolis, 26,; 3, mind flayers: Vr’tark is becoming more demanding, and Hamezaar is losing patience with placating the powerful, but dumb, dracolich.