This document is a guide for using MaxL, multi-dimensional database access language for Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server. MaxL is a flexible way to automate . To get started, click on the Start menu and navigate to Program | Oracle EPM System | Essbase | Start Administration Services Console. In the Log in menu, enter. Essbase MaxL scripts MaxL is a Multidimensional Access Language developed for Essbase analytics. MaxL, as it is known, is a powerful scripting tool.

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Retrieving data using children and descendants member set functions. This development methodology is made possible in edsbase because in this case, my workstation is Windows, and so are the Essbase servers.

Additionally, since the databases are used during the closing period, not just after for reporting purposesnew processes can go through pretty quickly and update the cubes to essentially keep them real-time with how the accounting allocations are being worked out. In a Windows batch file, this whole process looks like eesbase Thank you all for submitting answers to this somewhat lighthearted survey.

Essbase – MaxL [Gerardnico]

Using Essbase Set function commands and Calc All to calculate cubes. Next, we login to the Essbase server. Not only can the fiscal calendar be quite different, it can have some weird quirks too. Adding related content to financial reports.

Creating a connection and using substitution variables in financial reports. For our purposes, the target cube, Target. Building the BSO Cube.


These cubes are not spun up from EIS metaoutlines, and there is very little compelling business reason to convert them to EIS just for the sake of converting them, so this seems to be the most sensible approach. Here is where the approaches to updating variables start to differ. As an advanced topic, there are several performance considerations that can come into play here.

Although Business Objects exists within the company too, it is not recognized as being nearly as useful to the internal financial customers as Essbase is. On a side note, the cross-reference is part of a larger internal accounting system. Adding tables for varying attributes. Deploy dimension created in Essbase Studio. You can generally adjust the syntax to explicitly refer to files that are local versus files that are remote. This site uses cookies.

Oracle Essbase 9 Implementation Guide by Joseph Sydney Gomez, Sarma Anantapantula

Using substitution variables in calculations script. I am stealing this for my KScope12 “Script or Die! Calculate the source cube if needed Run a Report script on the source cube, outputting to a file Load the output from the report script to the target cube with a load rule Calculate the target cube This can be done by hand, of course through EASor you can do what the rest of us lazy cube monkeys do, and automate it. Warning — two shameless plugs follow.

Using the outline editor to add dimensions.

There are many ways you could do this passing commands on the command line itself but this method to me is clean and simple. Essbae design decision had paid off in many ways. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Remember, an statement that results essbaase error followed by a successfully executed statement clears the error state.

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Using Shared Services to add and provision a user. You should complete the recipe Setting up folder exsbase and other files needed for MaxL automation before you continue as we are going to need the folder structure and the script created in that recipe. It will have dimensions and members as follows: Now on to the import command. Using allocation functions in calculation scripts. Adding attribute dimensions to hierarchies.

Note that we are referring to the source text data file in the server context. Posted by Cameron Lackpour at Executing load rules using MaxL. Great post Cameron, as far as I can see you’re preparing yourself and your French for your next book review http: Sorry — I was on my phone essbawe Anon is Tim Faitsch.

Setting up an Account or Measures dimension with a parent-child reference. So, there you have it. There is a simple automation strategy at the heart of all these tasks: Assuming I’m continuing this conversation you’re quite right and in fact this has been available as long as there has been a MaxL.

Find more information and commands on the Oracle Tech Reference: