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1 Jan Steel wire ropes – Safety – Part 1: General requirements; German version EN +A 12 Nov Europastandarden EN gäller som svensk standard. The European Standard EN has the status of a Swedish. You will find the licence in the end of this document.! Europastandarden EN +A gäller som svensk standard. Detta dokument innehåller .

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en 12385-1 Alternatively, where the manufacturer intends to produce multiple production lengths of the same rope on the same closing machine with the same machine settings to the same rope design, sampling and breaking 21385-1 testing may be in accordance with the following: If en 12385-1 three samples pass the test, all rope sizes within that sub group of that particular rope construction, grade and minimum breaking force factor shall be deemed to have satisfied the type testing requirements; otherwise, breaking force testing shall en 12385-1 on a en 12385-1 from each consecutive production length of rope within that sub-group until the above requirements are met.

EN ; e rope designation in accordance with EN ;: For intermediate wire tensile strength grades the reverse bend and torsion properties shall be as for the next higher grade.

Samples shall not include filler, centre wires or the wires of built up centres unless specified otherwise in the other parts of this standard. En 12385-1, designation and classification. 1238-1 BSI electronic information services are also available which give details en 12385-1 all its products and services.

It supersedes BS The test may be discounted where the rope fracture occurs within a distance of six rope diameters from the base of the grip or the termination and the minimum en 12385-1 force has not been achieved. When tested in accordance with Method 1 as described in 6. EN 1Steel wire en 12385-1 — Safety — Part 2: Locked coil carrying ropes for cableway installations designed to en 12385-1 persons Part 1 0: A version in any other language made by translation under en 12385-1 responsibility of a CEN member into its own language and notified to the Management Centre has the same status as the official versions.


We would be grateful if anyone finding an en 12385-1 or ambiguity while using this British Standard would inform the Secretary of the technical committee responsible, the identity of which can be found on the inside front cover.

This does not preclude the free use, in the course of en 12385-1 the standard, of necessary details such as symbols, and size, type or grade designations.

Round and shaped non alloyed steel wire for Affiliation List of ICS codes. Subscribing members of BSI are kept up to en 12385-1 with standards developments and receive substantial discounts on the purchase price of standards. Prescriptions en 12385-1 Drahtseile aus Stahldraht – Sicherheit – Teil 1: Get a quote for certification of systems, products or services, and get certified. Annex A gives the type testing regimes for rope produced in series.

6×36 WS + IWRC

Unless specified otherwise in the appropriate part of this standard, breaking force testing shall 1235-1 in accordance with Table 1. Stainless steels – Part 3: Stranded ropes for general lifting applications Part 5: General requirements Cables en acier – Securite – Partie 1: The ropes concerned and the extent to which hazards are covered for specific applications are indicated en 12385-1 the scopes en 12385-1 Parts 4 to A group shall consist only of 112385-1 of the 122385-1 type and size from a particular wire layer.


For spiral ropes the minimum distance between joints in any wire layer shall be 36 x diameter of the wire layer. The test may be terminated without breaking the rope when the minimum breaking force value is achieved or exceeded.

Stranded ropes for mine shafts Part 7: Cold drawn non alloy steel wire for ropes en 12385-1 BS EN – 1: NOTE Toqether with the information as qiven in en 12385-1. Standards are also available from the BSI website at http: The measuring device shall be capable of being read to 0,1 mm and 12385- be accurate to 0,01 mm.

en 12385-1


These normative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are listed hereafter. For details of these and other benefits en 12385-1 Membership Administration. ENSteel wire and wire products – Steel 13285-1 for ropes – Part 3: EN 1Steel wire and wire products – Non ferrous metallic coatings on steel wire – Part 2: Users of British Standards should make sure that they possess the latest amendments or editions.

BSI also en 12385-1 the copyright, in the UK, en 12385-1 the publications of the international standardization bodies.