Ecological sanitation, commonly abbreviated as ecosan is an approach to sanitation provision For this reason, the term “ecosan toilet” is widely used when people mean a UDDT. However, the ecosan concept should not be limited to one. Introduction: The ECOSAN Toilet is a waterless, dehydration / evaporation system that provides a safe, non-polluting and cost effective solution for areas where. The technical manual for constructing EcoSan toilet was a team effort. We want to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to all the people who made.

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A10 – ECOSAN ecological compost latrines with urine separation

Uno Winblad, Mayling Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, The initial excitement in the early s by the ecosan pioneers has changed into a realization that changing attitudes and behaviours in sanitation takes a lot of patience. Trees as recyclers of nutrients present in human excreta – Main tree report. It is often possible to find a good tradeoff between their cost, their maintenance method and the wishes of the community concerned.

Illustrated summary fact sheet on the various types of ecological toilets: Practical guidance on the use of urine in crop production. Many traditional agricultural societies recognized the value of human waste for soil fertility and practised the “dry” collection and reuse of excreta.

What is a waterless toilet system? History of water supply and sanitation. Sustainable sanitation in cities: Retrieved 18 October It contains information about news, events, new partners, projects, discussions and publications of the SuSanA network. Technology review of urine-diverting dry toilets UDDTs – Overview on design, management, maintenance and costs. It does not favour a specific sanitation technology, but is rather a certain philosophy in handling substances that have so far been seen simply as wastewater and water-carried waste for disposal.

Ecological sanitation – Wikipedia

We ask for your understanding. Worldwide list of documented ecosan projects by various organisations. Ecosan offers a flexible framework, where centralised elements can be combined with decentralised ones, waterborne with dry ecosxn, high-tech with low-techetc. Ok I’ve got it. Compost is a healthy, stabilised product, all pathogens having been destroyedand the nutrients it contains can be directly assimilated by plants.


Urine was collected in containers in all houses, then mixed with mud and used as a fabric dye.

Their variety should, when backed by awareness raising campaigns, usually make it possible to determine the one which would be most culturally and economically acceptable.

The price varies quite significantly according to the model, the materials used and the country.

Ecological sanitation

In the ecosan concept, human excreta and wastewater is regarded as a potential resource — which is why it has also been called “resource oriented sanitation”. Our 13 working groups cover a variety of different sanitation themes. When properly designed and operated, ecosan systems provide a hygienically safe system to convert human excreta into nutrients to be returned to the soil, and water to be returned to the land.

The challenges of urban ecological sanitation: Over a period of a few weeks it dries out toikets human waste into a completely dry waste product that is safer to handle and easily disposable.

Dcosan is it used? The particularity of ECOSAN latrines is that this slab is specially designed to allow faeces and urine to be collected and evacuated separately below it. For this purpose, and for the construction of other items of the latrine, reference ecossan be made to the excellentextensively illustrated CREPA guide “Composting Latrines” indicated at the end of this fact sheet and pages 50 to 61 in particular including the photo above on how to start to make a seat.

The statement in the definition of ecosan to “safely recycle” includes hygienic, microbial and chemical aspects. As a member you can interact with thousands of sanitation enthusiasts on the discussion forum. Facilitating access to water Reducing the cost of water Sanitation and preservation Awareness efforts on hygiene and health Organising and Managing.

Thus, the recycled human excreta product, in solid or liquid form, shall be of high quality both concerning pathogens and all kind of hazardous chemical components. In the Middle Ages, the use of excreta and greywater in agricultural production was the norm. Click on the image below to visit their web site. This applies in particular to the use of urine. This fairly recent type of latrine was introduced by research organizations such as CREPA in Burkina Faso or NGOs such as Toilettes du monde and is currently in widespread use and is one of the most recommended types.


Ecosan Mine toilet EcoSan toilet adapted for underground mines.

We will implemented this functionality within the next few weeks. The slab is topped by a superstructure, which again may be more or less sophisticated see the same fact sheet after providing a self-ventilation device, as in the case of VIP latrines see Fact Sheet A8 “VIP latrines” and inserting a container containing, as with composting latrines, ash, shavings or soil to be added to excreta each time the latrine is usedwith a reservoir placed outside for the collection of urine.

They used urine diverting dry toilets UDDTs coupled with reuse activities. Ecosan systems can be “unsustainable” for example if there is too little user acceptance or if the costs of the system are too high for a given target group of users, making the system financially unsustainable in the longer term. These materials have been kindly provided by SuSanA partners. Places or contexts in which this means appears to be the best They manufacture a wide range of products including large chemical and water storage tanks.

Content – Summary EcoSan toilets UDDTs are the modern way to save resources and recycle waste, for a cleaner and healthier environment. Main features of the toilet A frequently asked questions page Our range of Ecosan outdoor pit latrines. Pit Toilets Click here for the Pit Toilet page.

Known mineral phosphate rock reserves are efosan scarce and increasingly costly to extract — this tolets also called the ” peak phosphorus ” crisis. If you tick two options within one filter parameter, then this is treated as an “or” search, meaning either of them could be true.

Click on JoJo Tanks logo to visit their web site. Some models, however, provide for this by collecting the corresponding small amount of water used in a small container.