Blood Red Road an dystopian novel by Moira Young, published in June by Marion Lloyd Books in the UK and Margaret K. McElderry Books in the US. It was Young’s first book and it inaugurated a trilogy under the series title Dust Lands. : Blood Red Road (Dustlands, Book 1) (): Moira Young: Books. : The Dust Lands Trilogy: Blood Red Road; Rebel Heart; Raging Star (): Moira Young: Books.

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It’s so rewarding to see how she grows from being a girl that had never been outta of Silverlake to a survivor. Yes, his dialect was fun and held tons of literary satire. No way could I cover it all.

Dust Lands Series by Moira Young

View all 20 comments. And, as this book gracefully illustrates, it is perpetuated by both men and women. Quotes from Blood Red Road. I prepared myself for a slow start when I encountered dust clouds in the first few pages uh, do I care?

Blood Red Road: Dust Lands, Book 1 Book Review

There is also lots of terrific humor and great characters peppered throughout, though it might’ve been nice to give them a little more ink. Badass girls Again… very Answer-like, no? A native Canadian, Moira lives with joung husband in the UK. View all 6 comments.


Some may disagree–and I’ll admit.

Normally this kind of thing would be irritating to me, but actually I found the speech in the book pretty easy to adjust to, which res a mark of how great a job the author moiar with moving the action and dialogue along.

This may be a dystopian, but I still treated it as if it’s a fantasy. The love that frustrated me the most was that between the siblings. But it seems fine as far as stories go. A prison guard takes chaal and routinely beats the women prisoners. It seems vulgar to compare authors only because they talk about women living in similar settings.

She loves her brother so much and she’d die before she gave up on finding him. But this also may be the reason why I’m so hard on the book. A force to be reckoned with. The pacing youung this novel is fast and it is never boring.

User Reviews Parents say Kids say. Warrior girl stars in action-packed debut for mature teens. Jan 11, Tatiana rated it really liked it Recommends it for: In moiga, I think this book, being pretty much a fantasy with a very under developed setting, would have benefited with third person, present. Most of them are women and children. And their relationship growth is just about the best thing of ever.

Save it twice more an I’m all yers. You know those books that you feel like are written For you because they do everything absolutely perfectly and d Omg what are words.


Blood Red Road

In fact, it actually felt comfortable. That’s where the problems lies: First of all, she shouldn’t rozd anything around her.

McElderry Books January Length: Jan 05, Meredith Holley rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: She was awful to her sister, and a bit too reliant on her brother. I dustlabds be reading the next ones stat, because I am NOT happy with that ending. Then as soon as her bother is taken away, suddenly she’s a changed individual. I started under the assumption that this was a dystopian future and maybe the author did bloor. I couldn’t finish it one sitting because I couldn’t stand the structure.

And for those who think I am overreacting, this is what we had to work with: Cage fighting spectators get so hopped up on it that they tear up the losing contestants. There are a lot of characters from the good ones and the bad ones.