The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks [David A. Embury] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 12 Apr Sometimes overlooked is perhaps the best bartending book for any learning bartender: David Embury’s “The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks” in The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks – Leather Bound Edition – By David A. Embury.

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Fine Art of Mixing Drinks by Embury David A. The Fast | eBay

Add a twist of lemon and drop peel in the glass. Take from this the following important lessons:. Use fruit juice and sugar as modifying agents. Yes, this book atr over 60 years old, but it is still fresh and written by a man who loves his Classic guide to mixed drinks Nov 19, Martin Doudoroff rated it it was ok.

The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. His old-fashioned recipe is completely essential, and I have copied it in full below: Add two cubes of cracked, but not crushed, ice and top off with the rest of the whiskey. The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks 4. In an old-fashioned glass, add thhe to simple syrup and stir.

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Twist lemon peel over the top and serve garnished with the lemon peel and a maraschino cherry. A big-picture view of mixed drinks separated into general categories to better understand all cocktails.

The Components of a Cocktail Base: Written in the early ‘s so quite a lot has changed since then but a lot of what he says still holds true. If the drink suits your palate, that’s all that matters.

For a better understanding of mixed drinks as a whole, Embury breaks down not only drinks into categories, but also the ingredients in each to better understand their contributions. Want to Read saving…. Embury stresses frequently that the drink will never be any better than the quality of the david embury the fine art of mixing drinks ingredient in it, and hence he stresses constantly the need for the highest quality spirits, liqueurscordialsand modifiers fresh squeezed lemons, etc.

All I hoped it would be and more. Dawid Steenkamp rated it it was ok Feb 16, Kate Gorman rated it it was amazing Dec 29, These are the most obvious of early cocktail books, but there have been several others worthy of note, some of which have taught us very valuable lessons and recipes.

An attention to detail as well as care and passion put into the drink you’re making.

This page was last edited on 13 Januaryat david embury the fine art of mixing drinks The modifying agent is the ingredient that gives the cocktail its character. Embury recommends a 8: Who would’ve thought the a Martini used to be made with Gin, not Vodka? Just like with food, the quality of a drink will never be better than the quality of its cheapest ingredient. Once one understands the basic components of each type of drink, new cocktails can be created by substituting a different base or modifying agent or by adding a special flavoring or coloring agent.


They should be pleasing to the eye. Docked two stars for undrinkable drinks. Share this page with a friend Your Name: For example, Gin is not agreed among doctors to be the sole liquor that treats genital and urinary infections.

A cocktail by classic definition is an aperitif and should therefore never have more than a touch of sweetness. Return to Book Page. That sounds so much more delicious!

The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks by David A. Embury

His book is a must-read for aspiring bartenders and cocktail-nerds alike as it is considerably more engaging and opinionated than the typical recipe encyclopedias. Eric rated it it was amazing Aug 24, Good read, amusing at points for mixint facts that are no longer applicable. May 08, William Nist rated it it was amazing.