SUBJECT CODE / Name: CS – ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. UNIT – II. PART -A (2 Marks). LOGICAL REASONING. 1. What factors determine the selection. Artificial Intelligence CS – Two mark Question Bank 2. Define Artificial Intelligence in terms of human performance. The art of creating machines that. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2 MARKS AND 16 MARKS ANNA UNIVERSITY CSE 7TH SEMESTER ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2 MARKS.

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Whether uniform cost search is optimal? What are the different types of induction heuristics? Define Artificial Intelligence in terms of human performance.

CS6659 AI Notes, Artificial Intelligence Lecture Notes – CSE 6th SEM Anna University

The exciting new effort to make computers think machines with minds in the full and literal sense. The drawback of DFS is that it can get stuck going down the wrong path. Explain different agent types with their PEAS descriptions. What are the different types of problem?

With this semantics, when a particular configuration exists within an agent, the agent believes the corresponding sentence.


It leads FOUR important categories. It will utilize whatever memory aartificial made available to it.

Compare different uninformed search strategies in terms of the four evaluation criteria. What are Expert Systems?

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE–Question Bank (All Units) ~ Vidyarthiplus (V+) Blog – A Blog for Students

Different varieties of queuing fn produce different varieties of the search algorithm. Artificial Intelligence CS question bank with answer. To construct a machine program to think like a human, first it requires the knowledge about the actual workings of human mind. Define an inteloigence program. Give the drawback of DFS.

Describe the four categories under which AI is classified with examples. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Explain with an example. List some drawbacks of hill climbing process. Minimax algorithm 8 i i. What are the components of a Game software?

November 15, 0. Learning by building ccs2351 trees. How CSP is formulated as a search prob- lem? The sentences are expressed in a language called as knowledge representation language.

The action that the agent can perform. Define Non monotonic reasoning. Each individual representation of facts is called a sentence. However, the interrogator knows them only as A and B and aims to determine which the person is and which are the machine. Where is the Menu? When enough memory is available for entire search tree, the search is optimally efficient.


When the agent knows about the environment. Knowledge base is the central component of knowledge base agent and it is described as a set of representations of facts about the world. What are the features of an ideal planner? Problem formulation, Search solution, Execution. List some of the rules of inference.

CS AI Notes, Artificial Intelligence Lecture Notes – CSE 6th SEM Anna University

Here right thing is one that will cause agent to be more successful. Mention the criteria for the evaluation of search strategy. What are semantic nets? Define Artificial Intelligence formulated by Haugeland. Define the term utility? One person plays the role of the interrogator, who is in a separate room from the compute and the other person.