Download Cs System Software Question Bank With Answers. Mpsc question answer FREE. QUESTION PAPER QUESTION. System software questions and answers pdf. Please find the two mark questions with answers below for system software – CS subject. Question Bank: 1. Computer Networks (CN) (CS) (CS52) ( CS) Question bank 1 (2 marks with answers) – View / Download Question Bank 2 (2.

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What are the three different records used in object program?

CS2304 System Software Question bank – 16 Marks Questions | Anna university CSE 5th Semester

Editing phase In this phase, the target document is altered with the set of operations such as insert, delete, replace, move and copy. ADD 6 immediate to R indirect Here 6 is the immediate data and the next value is indirect data.

Explain debugging functions and its capabilities. Name some of typical tokens. The selection of what is to be viewed and manipulated in given by filtering.

Aftre each source statement is processed the length of the assembled instruction or data area to be generated is added to LOCCTR and hence whenever we reach a label in the source program the current value of LOCCTR gives the address associated with the label.

Give the advantages of general-purpose macroprocessors. If we attempt to translate the program line by line,we will unable to process the statement in line 10 because we do not know the address that will be assigned to RETADR. What are the data structures used in macro processor? Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B.


Some times it may contains details about the data area. Where is the Menu? In the first instruction immediate addressing is used.

Describe the structure of a single pass assembler. What is meant by positional parameters? What are relative relocative loaders? Describe the architecture of SIC machine.

Draw SS instruction format. Explain in detail about MASM macro processor. Object code generation b. This variable is used to assign addresses to the symbols. Concatenation of macro parameters b. How to design the pass structure of a macro assembler?

Literals added to literal table c. DROP statement removes the corresponding table entry.

Define compiler and interpreter. What are the tasks performed in the editing process? Give the advantage of line by line processors.

In case of nested macro calls the expansion of the latest macro call is completed first. What are the symbol defining statements generally used in assemblers? These statements give the name of the macroinstruction being invoked and the arguments to be used in expanding the macros.

Linkin The re Time g loader editor the pro location and linking is performed each It produces a linked version of a program and Here t h gram is loaded whichis written in a file for later execution e loading can be accomplished in a single Two passes are required The most common such devices for editing applications are the mouse and the data tablet. Voice-input devices, which translate spoken words to their textual equivalents, may prove to be the text input devices of the future.


This command direct the loader to read the designated object program from a library and treat it as the primary loader input. Features that a basic text editor should posses 4. Environmental science and engineering Questions B The data divided among processing element is called shared data. The operation code table contain the mnemonic operation code and its machine language equivalent. The operation given in the instruction is performed and the result is stored in the accumulator register.

Update the view appropriately. Typing —oriented or text command oriented method b. Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B. What for debug monitors are used?


Differentiate trailing numeric and leading separate numeric. Write the steps required to translate the source program to object program. Here no object programmer is written out and hence no need for loader.

Give the difference between linking loader and linkage editors.