“A succinct, lucid and compelling account Essential reading.” -Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times Renowned economist Nouriel Roubini electrified.. . Crisis Economics has ratings and reviews. I just finished a book of this name by Nouriel Roubini (famous for predicting the crash) and Stephen . 21 May Crisis Economics covers the range of challenges facing the global economy, in which Roubini uncharacteristically pulls his punches. There are.

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He wanted macroeconomic policy to guard not against asymmetric economkcs but against symmetric ignorance. The monetary system remains very fragile and vulnerable to additional shocks, inflation or deflation. Extremely readable book about economics. This book is mainly about the financial crisis ofand appears to have been completed in before the financial reform legislation the Dodd-Frank act passed the United States Congress. Jan 07, Effendy Yahaya rated it it was amazing.

It is not stylishly written, but key concepts likely to puzzle the non-specialist are clearly explained.

Above al I gave this book five stars because I found it to be the best one stop shop on the topic. Economic history showed that financial crises are ‘creatures of habit Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the book’s editors, who presumably wrote the following shamelessly self-indulgent and misleading description: May 05, Matt Cooper rated it it was amazing Shelves: The second half or so of the book gets much more useful.

May 11, Pages Buy.

Crisis Economics

The author highlighted that Central banks in the past had not exercised power to enforce regulations to prevent speculative manias to fed the bubble and spinning out of control. As orthodox monetary and fiscal measures failed to arrest deflation, the authorities started throwing money, by way of loan, subsidy or outright purchase, at specific markets and institutions, economucs buying long-term government and corporate bonds in the open market ‘quantitative easing’.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. This rouvini create new firewalls to separate the many different kinds of financial firms now existing, as well as to curtail the sort of short-term lending that made the financial system too interconnected to fail.

The average Joe also has no say on the shenanigans on Wall Street and in congress. An interesting look at the history of economics recessions and the business cycle. An roubink work that provides a superb analysis of the sources and causes of the financial crisis. Aug 08, Shua rated it liked it. And when I give in, I hear the most absurd and illogical assertions economlcs the talking skulls on the screen. But life has to be lived forward, and the crystal ball is alw A bit too polemical for me, perhaps due to the audiobook narrator–I’ve heard him before, and he often lets a hint of a righteous sneer sneak into his tone when the authors are responding to some opposition view.

That being said, this is a must-read for all, and is worded in a way to accommodate roubuni the novice and the connoisseur. Find this article useful? Critiquing the unprecedented emergency measures taken recently to right the economic ship, they warn of the unintended consequences likely to flow from hasty decisions made under extreme pressure.

Lists with This Book. Feb 15, Zhuu Ming rated it it was ok Shelves: Recently, I stopped resisting my reptilian oppressor and that’s when I started watching cable news again. Although that should not be all too surprising considering the premise of their book ecnomics the solutions they later offer.



The system can regulate accountability and transparency but not responsibility. The other chapter however offers some more radical but much needed reforms to our financial system if its going to survive going forward. Now after an unnecessarily long introduction; my opinion of this book.

Read more like a thriller and often kept me on the edge of my seat. Oct 07, Lychee rated it really liked it. Mar 06, Fernando rated it really liked it.

As studied historians know, this type of reasoning is often overly simplistic and ignores complexities of a situation at the time. A Crash Course in the Future of Finance by Nouriel Roubini and Stephen Mihm is a must-read for anyone who wants to know why the Great Recession of happened and where we should go from here.

The next time I feel that twisted urge to watch cable news, I will reach for another economics book.

Crisis Economics: A Crash Course in the Future of Finance by Nouriel Roubini

I began to feel less hopeless, at least, by the end of it. There was a lot of repetitive history. I feel the authors took the time to validate their conclusions with the support and authority of historical fact. The biggest weakness of the book is on the theoretical side.

Best overview and deep insight into crisis mechanics. Oct 08, Mark Rossiter rated it really liked it. The tail end spoke to some possible reforms that could be made to avoid a more damaging crisis in the future.