Two lovers are bound by the very desires that could destroy them in this darkly exquisite novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling Carpathian series. Read “Dark Peril” by Christine Feehan with Rakuten Kobo. Two lovers are bound by the very desires that could destroy them in this darkly exquisite novel in the. 9 Sep The gripping new novel in Christine Feehan’s hugely popular ‘Dark’ Carpathian series.

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While their criminal activity is simply a rumor yet to be proven, no one knows the real truth.

Dark Peril

Will I keep it; YES. Solange Sangria is one of the last of the jaguar people, a royal pureblood, a dying species that cannot recover from bad decisions made over hundreds of years.

Without a lifemate to balance the darkness in him, he needed the lack of emotion to stay sane over a thousand years of seeing cruelty and depravity, yet the sight of the blood in that cave and knowing women had been brought there by the jaguar-men to be used as they wished, sickened him.

Added by 13 of our members. Her head lolled back on her neck and he saw bruises marring her skin, and the prints around her neck. And I like alpha heros. With lethal skills honed from a violent upbringing, Timur is a leopard shifter who sees any newcomers feeahn possible threats-and the petite blond barista who his sister-in-law, Evangeline, has hired to work in her bakery is definitely hiding feehqn. Someone had attacked this facility and done a considerable amount of damage. Obviously the human guard was leery of the jaguar-men, but he allowed them into the building.

Dominic had been prepared to take him out, but he demonstrates his trust in her abilities by holding off from that to see the result of her gambit. All three caves showed evidence of occupation, however brief, but violent in some way.


She doesn’t deserve the type of danger that follows him, or the threat of his Amur leopard. The jaguar-man who had carried the wounded one hurried out, barefoot, but in jeans and pulling on a tee-shirt that strained across his chest. Fwehan enjoyed this one much more than the last few.

It is a great privilege to be counted one myself. The masters were using both humans and jaguar men to hunt and kill Carpathians. Brodrick the tenth, a rare black jaguar led the males just as his father and his ancestors before him had done.

Brodrick looked at the two guards contemptuously. TBQH I mostly tune out during those scenes at this point. Dominic shook his head at the irony. As he neared the exit to the cave, he could see light spilling into the tunnel and his body cringed, an automatic reaction after centuries of living in the night.

The characters were okay but I didn’t fall in love with them. A body lay crumpled and lifeless in the river, caught on the rocks, battered and forgotten.

To view it, click here. This Beats Perfect by Rebecca Denton.

Micro-Resilience by Bonnie St. Don’t tell me that just because some man asked I have to answer. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. A silky anteater climbing in the branches of a tree, paused to gaze at him with a wary eye. Welcome to Night Vale: Now in past books I liked both Dominic and Solange.

The royal family had a long history of cruelness and abuse of their women and female children, a practice the other males viewed as example and followed. She has long been alone fighting to save the remaining women who are able to shift from the hands of Brodrick the Terrible, her own father who slaughtered everyone she loved. Return to Book Page. He saw the battle scars. The ongoing vampires’ conspiracy plot thread is expanded but not settled, I can see that it will be part of the next book.


The romance between Dominic and Solange was lyrical and magical. Locked up, experimented on and never knowing kindness, she was bred this way – with a heart of pure venom. Piatkus Shadow Keeper Christine Feehan. If I hadn’t read the other 20 books in the Carpathian series, I would’ve thought Dark Peril was an awesome entry into the series.

I liked Solange as the heroine. I offer my life for you.

Dark Peril by Christine Feehan |

The entire first pages was restating the same thing over and over. This series used to be full of life and interesting twists and turns.

For a few moments, he perill why he should be smiling inside. Some of the books in the series didn’t do it for me but the originality of the world at that time before the market became over saturated and the overall story arc kept me reading the series. At this point I keep reading because I feel like I’m so heavily invested and I’m still waiting for Skylar and Dimitri’s story.

Chritine thought about their personalities, and the camaraderie that had turned into a rivalry. I wonder if Margareta, the human who is attacked by the vampires and is near death is to be his lifemate. Dark Peril Dark, 18 4. He was thorough about it, leaning down to sniff, using all senses to pick up the trail of his enemy.

We appreciate your feedback. Either way, heaven or hell won’t stop him Andre has been craving her for an eternity: